At the moment, the MECOM committee consists of ten students. They are active in the presidium, the vice presidium, and in the fields finance, marketing, social media, events, and university policy. These students are also members of the Student Council, the Faculty Council and the Department Council. In addition, we are in contact with other organisations of the University and with the teaching staff.

MECOM in 2020. Top: Michael Stern, Valerie Vogel, Kathrin Puthiyedathu. Middle: Matthias Stern, Nikita Vettori. Bottom: Eva Habich, Julia Guldener, Alina Jud, Valentine Renevey, Anaïs Rey.


In the autumn semester 2021, the following persons are responsible for the different areas:

  • Presidium: Alina Jud
  • Finance: Matthias Stern
  • Marketing: (vacant)
  • Events: Marion Seydoux & Selin Varli
  • Social media: Anaïs Rey & Valentine Renevey


In the autumn semester 2021, the following persons represent MECOM in university politics:

  • Student Council: Anaïs Rey & Valentine Renevey
  • Faculty Council: Alina Jud & Adrian Grossenbacher
  • Departmental Council: Alina Jud & Fiona Mundwiler