MECOM Facts: From Students to Students

MECOM (Media & Communication) is an organization formed by students in the branches Communication and Media Research and Business Communication at the University of Fribourg. The MECOM committee is elected by the general assembly and represents all students of the Department of Communication and Media Research (DCM) in various councils. University policy is one of the most important fields of activity. Furthermore, MECOM organizes different events, workshops, and panel discussions. MECOM is a part of AGEF (General Students Association) and gets financial support from them.

  • What is the goal of MECOM?

    It is our foremost goal to get the students interested in the different parts of the University, to promote interaction between them and Department and Faculty members, and thereby getting them more involved in every facet of the learning facilities. Furthermore, MECOM also informs the students on the latest rules and decisions introduced by the University and by the Department, as well as on current events, and keeps them up to date on what is happening around the campus. MECOM wants all students to feel welcome from their very first day on the campus and wants to help them with their questions and problems related to their studies, in order to ease their way into student life. MECOM also organizes many interesting events, worthwhile projects and even parties (yes! you read it right!) to make your days interesting outside the classrooms.

  • Why should I join MECOM?

    If you want to meet new people, do something new outside your area of studies, take a peek behind the curtains of the University and maybe get involved into fun projects, then JOIN US! By working for the MECOM committee, you can actively contribute to different areas of student life. You can gain experience and prove your skills in fields such as finance, marketing, social media, campus politics, etc. Furthermore, as a member of a council, you can influence how the University will look like in the future and what should change in your field of study. MECOM is always open to new ideas. We need inputs on how to make student life less stressful and more interesting.

  • How can I become a member?

    To help realize our goals and take an active part in our activities, write us an e-mail, contact us through Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, or just have a chat with us at one of our events.