Jérôme Chariatte


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Forschung und Publikationen

  • Nationale und internationale Konferenzen (peer-reviewed)


    • Chariatte, J & Ingenhoff, D. (2021). The ‚Normative Turn‘: How ethical global issues change our evaluation of country images. DACH 21 Conference (Digital Conference), 07-09.04.2021. 
    • Chariatte, J. & Ingenhoff, D. (2021): United (?) Kingdom – Digital city diplomacy in times of Brexit. DACH 21 Conference (Digital Conference), 07-09.04.2021.
    • Chariatte, J. (2019). The Impact of international news and stereotypes on the country image. 21st European Association for Public Relations Education and Research Association EUPRERA Annual Congress, Zagreb, Croatia, 26-28.09.2019. [Practical Impact Award]
    • Chariatte, J., Segev, E., & Ingenhoff, D. (2019). Tweeting #Country: A comparative analysis of country images as a new instrument for developing international communication strategy. IAMCR International Association for Media and Communication Research, International Communication Section, Madrid, Spain, 7.-11.07.2019.
    • Chariatte, J. (2019). Public Diplomacy and Country Images in times of digitization. Doctorales Société Française des sciences de l'information et de la Communication, Mulhouse, France, 12-14.06.2019.
    • Ingenhoff, D., & Chariatte, J. (2019). Solving the Public Diplomacy puzzle – A multimethod-design study on what constitutes a country image. 69th Annual Conference of the International Communication Association (ICA), Washington, D.C., USA, 24.–28.05.2019.
    • Ingenhoff, D., & Chariatte, J. (2019). The multiple facets of the country image – an integrated public diplomacy evaluation approach. Annual Conference of SACM (Swiss Association of Communication and Media Research), St.Gallen, Schweiz, 3.–5.4.2019.
    • Ingenhoff, D., Segev, E., &, Chariatte, J. (2018). New insights for public diplomacy. The country and its objectives mirrored between attitudes and information searches in a cross-national comparison. 68th Annual Conference of the International Communication Association (ICA), Prague, Czech Republic, 24.-28.05.2018 [Best paper award].
  • Peer-reviewed Publikationen in (inter)nationalen Zeitschriften
    • Ingenhoff, D. & Chariatte, J. (2020): Solving the Public Diplomacy Puzzle-Developping a 360 degree Listening and Evaluation Approach to Assess Country Images. CPD Perspectives. Figueora Press.
    • Ingenhoff, D., Segev, E. & Chariatte, J. (2020). The Construction of Country Images and Stereotypes: From Public Views to Google Searches. International Journal of Communication, 14, 92-113.
    • Ingenhoff, D. & Chariattte, J. (2020): Landesimage. Ein Bild zwischen Stabilität und Wandel. Die Volkswirtschaft,4, 54-57.