Circular Economy AlliancePublished on 23.06.2022

The Center for Competitiveness of the University of Fribourg has been acknowledged as official partner of the Circular Economy Alliance

Circular Economy Alliance partners with a diverse range of stakeholders, whether they are well established or just embarking on their circular economy journey with purpose-driven missions to safeguard our planet’s longevity. Partners who are willing and dare to embrace change that makes our world a better place. Each of our partnerships is focused, ambitious and collaborative, delivering a joint effort that accelerates our pace in transitioning towards a more sustainable future. Change becomes a reality with shared values, determination, prompt actions, and long-term commitment. This certificate verifies that the holder is an official partner of Circular Economy Alliance. As such, they join forces to promote awareness of Circular Economy, exchange good practices, engage in knowledge and technology transfer, and become a collective knowledge hub that empowers a coordinated and expedited transition.