C1 - C2 One Step Beyond: Expanding Academic English; Spring Workshop

Enseignant(s): Cook Frances
Type d'enseignement: Cours de langue
Langue(s) du cours: Anglais
Semestre(s): SP-2021

Cours de langue : tout public

3 ECTS Credits

COURSE ENROLLMENT:  Before enrolling, you have to do an Online Placement test and take an Oral Placement interview.  Detailed information on the language course enrollment procedure is on the Language Center website: https://www3.unifr.ch/centredelangues/en/courses/students/registration/


One Step Beyond: Expanding Academic English, Spring Workshop is for C1-C2 level students who already use English very well in most situations, but who desire to refine their knowledge and use of English for current and future purposes via critical and lively engagement.  A strong emphasis is placed on building lexical resources due to the crucial role that an accurate, productive vocabulary plays in creating cohesive texts.  As such, the language we focus on in the Spring Workshop – to present and discuss information,  and to emphasize, comment on and evaluate particular points and relationships – should ultimately help you to connect ideas and make them flow more logically and/or compellingly.  We will also look at idiomatic language in some detail, since this type of language gives you greater verbal dexterity and allows you to enliven and put a personal stamp on your communication. To make progress and to complete the course, you need to attend every class and do a number of assignments primarily focused on readings and video material. Assessment is continuous and includes completion of classwork, assignments & oral presentations which are commented on and evaluated, in detail, by you, your peers, and your lecturer. There is no final exam.

Note: For native-like users of English the facilitator will focus primarily on structure and style in written assignments.

Attendance and Assessment: Regular attendance is required. Excused absences can include things like public transport disruption, accident, family emergency, etc.  This course is graded on a pass or fail basis. A certificate of achievement can be requested from the secretary’s office upon successful completion of the course.      


Facilitator:   Fran Cook

Day/Time:   Thurs. 13:15-14:45

Location:         MIS10 LC  (Room – See the University Timetable)

Contact:      frances.cook @unifr.ch   MIS 10 Office 3.09


Learning goals for the course include being able to:

Use oral and written English more critically, accurately, concisely, and appropriately (and creatively) to communicate, in an informed way, to and with others, about things that matter in the world around you

- Describe/discuss (orally and in writing) issues of importance in the wider world, highlighting key perspectives and positions (and their interrelationships)

- Present on a social topic of interest, incorporating a song that addresses the topic

- Expand lexical knowledge (collocations, idiomatic language, specialized topic-related vocabulary)

- Incorporate outside sources (appropriate articles and/or research studies) into your classroom work and assignments

- Share thoughts and feelings on topics of personal and/or current-day interest

- Contribute actively to small group discussions and other public situations such as Q&A sessions; hone listening skills

- Lead/organize a small group discussion

- Identify and practise ways to take some distance from (hedge) what you are expressing

- Identify and work to improve typical pronunciation trouble spots

- Rely less on linking words and expressions to make your written texts flow

- Improve accuracy (advanced grammar areas, mechanics)

- Work on achieving brevity and clarity by respecting word/time limits but not compromising content/meaning

- Locate and correct problems in your written work