What must you do to receive ECTS credits for a Self-Directed Language Learning Project?

First, you should make sure that your area of studies will actually accept these ECTS credits for your study programme (as a Mobility student, you should ask your home university). If you agree with the assessment conditions for a Self-Directed Language Learning Project, you should fill in the registration form in order to start the project with the first consultation session. 

How many ECTS credits are awarded?

The number of ECTS credits will be recorded after the successful completion of the language learning project on the basis of the number of hours dedicated to the project. For 30 hours of independent language learning, one ECTS credit is awarded. The maximum number of credits that can be awarded for a Self-Directed Language Learning Project is defined by the individual area of studies.

How is the language learning project evaluated for ECTS credits?

When you register for a Self-Directed Language Learning Project, you are also asked to evaluate your own starting level. During an introductory learning consultation, information about the level, learning objectives, learning resources and further procedures are discussed. Next, you evaluate your learning process during the project through a learning log. The final evaluation of the entire project is based on a final written report of the experience, an electronic test, and a final meeting with the learning advisor to evaluate your learning success, experience, strategies and self-made learning resources.

When must you register in MyUnifr for a Self-Directed Language Learning Project with ECTS credits?

This is not necessary because the secretary will do it when the project has been completed. 

Why are two ECTS credits in MyUnifr registered, although you would like to be awarded another number of credits?

The two ECTS credits are registered by default. The exact number of credits is registered at the end of the Self-Directed Language Learning Project on the basis of the number of hours actually dedicated to the project.

Alongside the Self-Directed Language Learning Project, I am also attending a course at a language school. May I enter the hours I spend there in the learning log and then include them in the project?

Language courses at a language school are not the purpose of autonomous learning and cannot be included in the Self-Directed Language Learning Project; the homework completed during a language course is also excluded. The objective of the Self-Directed Language Learning Project is: “Competence to learn a foreign language in a self-directed way.”
However, I can include and count the language-learning activities that go beyond the course and the homework by describing and reflecting on them. Here are some examples: learning activities with local people in the target-language country with whom I have purposely and intensively spoken; listening and vocabulary training for which I observe myself and am corrected; note-taking on this training and undertaking further reworking of it, for example, vocabulary and grammar exercises. Whenever I have the impression that I have learned something on my own initiative and independently, it is worthwhile to describe and reflect on this learning experience.