Project for Self-Directed Language Learning

If you are studying at the University of Fribourg, you may be able to have your successfully completed language-learning project validated for soft skills ECTS credits in your area of Bachelor studies. This applies to most areas of studies in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities and for some other areas of studies in other faculties. For Mobility students, validation depends on the home university. In addition, after you register for a Project for Self-Directed Language Learning, you are entitled to receive a consultation if you agree with the conditions of assessment.


The project for self-directed language learning is divided into three phases:

1) Initial phase: during the first consultation session, you will be introduced to self-directed learning. You will also receive information concerning the media available for the target language, how to use the media as well as the possibilities for evaluating yourself. A learning agreement will be decided according to the steps you will take and the paths you will follow in order to achieve your objectives.

2) Learning phase: you work independently using the media and following the steps according to your learning agreement. You also write a learning diary. Details on Tips and Tricks for Autonomous language learning

3) Final phase: you write a final report, and with your learning advisor you evaluate:

your progress and experiences with autonomous learning; your learning strategies; and the learning materials you have created on your own.


• Development of language skills in the target language;

• Development of the capacity to plan and successfully complete a self-directed language learning project.

Practical information

Registration closed for SS 2023

You do not need to pass a placement test or to be pre-registered on MyUnifr. The secretariat will proceed with the registration as soon as you have completed your project planning (after the first consultation session).

Registration form

Consultation sessions

After you have submitted your registration form, you will be contacted and invited to attend a consultation session.

The language learning consultation will take place at the Self-Access Centre of the University of Fribourg.