Economie: classification et plan 

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  • FSES X
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    X Encyclopaedies, Dictionaries, Bibliographies,  and Reference Books 

    XX Universal

    XY Language dictionaries 

    XA General Economics

    XB Methodology and History of Economic Thought

    XC Mathematical and Quantitative Methods (Econometrics, Statistics, Operation  Research)

    XD Microeconomics

    XE Macroeconomics and Monetary Economics

    XF International Economics

    XG Financial Economics

    XH Public Economics

    XI Social Economics

    XJ Labor and Demographic Economics

    XK Law and Economics

    XL Industrial Organization

    XM Business Administration; Marketing; Accounting

    XN Economic History

    XO Economic Development, Technological Change, Growth

    XP Economic Systems

    XQ Agricultural, Environmental and Natural Resource Economics

    XR Urban and Regional Economics

    XST Official Statistics

    XZ Other Topics   

  • FSES A - E
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    A General Economics 

    A10 General Economics (incl. Introductories)

    A11 Role of Economics, Role of Economists

    A12 Relation of Economics to Other Disciplines  Other Disciplines → Z Other Topics

    A13 Ethics, Relation of Economics to Moral and Social Values

    A14 Sociology of Economics  see also DSS MS4800 (4th floor)

    A15 Teaching of Economics

    A19 General Economic Subjects Series in General Economics → SA Series in General Economics     


    B Methodology and History of Economic Thought

    B00 Methodology and History of Economic Thought  (General) 

    B1 History of Economic Thought through 1925

    B10 General

    B11 Preclassical

    B12 Classical

    B13 Neoclassical through 1925

    B14 Socialist, Marxist

    B15 Historical, Institutions

    B19 Other 

    B2 History of Economic Thought since 1925

    B20 General

    B21 Microeconomics

    B22 Macroeconomics

    B23 Econometrics, Quantitative Studies

    B24 Socialist, Marxist

    B25 Historical, Institutions

    B29 Keynes  

    B3 History of Thought: Individuals

    B30 History of Thought: Individuals A - Z

    B31 Biography 

    B4  Economic Methodology

    B40 General   


    B5 Current Heterodox Approches

    B50 General

    B52 Institutionnal, Evolutionnary

    B53 Austrian

    B59 Other   


    C Mathematical and Quantitative Methods  (Econometrics, Statistics, Operation Research)

    C0 Mathematical Methods

    C00 Mathematical Methods (General)

    C01 Linear Algebra, Matrices and Vectors

    C02 Real Analysis

    C03 Measure Theory

    C04 Functional Analysis, Topology

    C05 Optimisation

    C06 Numerical Analysis

    C09 Other (incl. Conference Proceedings) 


    C1 Probability and Mathematical Statistics

    C10 General

    C11 Random Variables and Vectors

    C12 Convergence, Limit Theorems

    C13 Statistical Decision Theory

    C14 Probability Distributions

    C19 Other (incl. Conference Proceedings)

    C2 Statistical Methods: General

    C20 General  see also DSS MR2100 (4th floor)

    C21 Estimation

    C22 Hypothesis Testing

    C23 Nonparametric Methods

    C24 Bayesian Analysis

    C25 Sampling

    C26 Survival Analysis, Reliability

    C29 Other (incl. Conference Proceedings)   

    C3 Multivariate Statistics

    C30 General

    C31 Correlation Analysis

    C32 Regression Analysis

    C33 Analysis of Variance and Design of Experiments

    C34 Principal Components and Factor Analysis

    C35 Discriminant and Cluster Analysis

    C36 Correspondance Analysis, Multidimensional Scaling

    C39 Other (incl. Conference Proceedings) 

    C4 Stochastic Processes and Time Series Analysis

    C40 General

    C41 Stochastic Processes

    C42 Time Series Analysis

    C43 Prediction and Forecasting

    C49 Other (incl. Conference Proceedings)  

    C5 Econometrics

    C50 General

    C51 Econometric Methods: General   

    C510 General   

    C511 Bayesian Analysis   

    C512 Nonlinear Methods   

    C519 Other 

    C52 Econometric Methods: Single and Multiple/Simultaneous  Equation Models 

    C520 General   

    C521 Cross-sectional Models   

    C522 Time Series Models   

    C523 Models with Panel Data   

    C524 Truncated and Censored Models   

    C525 Discrete Regression and Qualitative Choice Models   

    C529 Other 

    C53 Econometric Modeling   

    C530 General   

    C531 Model Construction and Estimation   

    C532 Model Evaluation and Testing   

    C533 Model Application 

    C539 Other 

    C59 Other (incl. Conference Proceedings) 

    C6 Game Theory

    C60 Game Theory General

    C61 Cooperative Games

    C62 Noncooperative Games

    C63 Stochastic and Dynamic Games

    C64 Bargaining Theory, Matching Theory

    C69 Other (incl. Conference Proceedings)

    C7 Operation Research

    C70 General

    C71 Graph Theory and Combinatorics

    C72 Linear and Dynamic Programming

    C73 Simulation, Monte Carlo Methods

    C74 Expert Systems, Decision Support Systems

    C75 Decision, Utility and Risk Analysis  Multiple Criteria Decision Making → D81 Criteria for Decision-Making  under Risk and  Uncertainty

    C79 Other (incl. Conference Proceedings)   

    C8 Special Topics
    C80 Demography, Population Statistics

    C81 Index Numbers

    C82 Actuarial and Financial Mathematics

    C83 Official Statistics

    C84 Computer Software

    C85 Exploratory Data Analysis

    C86 Quality Control

    C87 Social Research Methods  see also DSS MR2000 (4th floor)

    C89 Special Topics Other (incl. Conference Proceedings)


    D Microeconomics

    D00 Microeconomics (General) 

    D1   Household Behavior and Family Economics

    D10 General

    D11 Consumer Economics: Theory

    D12 Consumer Economics: Empirical Analysis

    D13 Household Production

    D18 Consumer Protection

    D19 Other Consumer Behavior → M22 Marketing Research, Quantitative Marketing, Consumer Behavior Psychology 


    D2 Production and Organizations

    D20 General (incl. Firm Theory)

    D21 Firm Behavior

    D23 Organizational Behavior, Transaction Costs, Property Rights

    D24 Production, Capital and Total Factor Productivity, Capacity

    D29 Other 


    D3 Distribution

    D30 General

    D31 Personal Income and Wealth Distribution

    D33 Factor Income Distribution

    D39 Other   


    D4 Market Structure and Pricing 

    D40 General (incl. Price Theory) 

    D41 Perfect Competition

    D42 Monopoly

    D43 Oligopoly and Other Forms of Market Imperfection

    D44 Auctions

    D45 Rationing, Licensing

    D46 Value Theory

    D49 Other   


    D5 General Equilibrium and Disequilibrium

    D50 General

    D51 Exchange and Production Economics

    D52 Incomplete Markets

    D57 Input-Output Analysis

    D58 Computable and Other Applied General Equilibrium Models

    D59 Other 

    D6 Economic Welfare

    D60 General

    D61 Allocation Efficiency, Cost-Benefit Analysis

    D62 Externalities

    D63 Equity, Justice, Inequality, and Other Normative Criteria and Measurement

    D69 Other 


    D7 Analysis of Collective Decision-Making

    D70 General

    D71 Social Choice, Clubs, Committees

    D72 Economic Models of Political Processes: Rent-Seeking, Elections, Legislatures, and  Voting Behavior

    D73 Bureaucracy, Administrative Processes in Public Organizations, Public Administration

    D74 Conflict, Conflict Resolution

    D78 Positive Analysis of Policy-Making and Implementation

    D79 Other 

    D8 Information and Uncertainty 

    D80 General

    D81 Criteria for Decision-Making under Risk and Uncertainty

    D82 Asymmetric and Private Information

    D83 Search, Learning, and Information

    D84 Expectations, Speculations D89 Other See also → C75 Decision, Utility and Risk Analysis   

    D9 Intertemporal Choice and Growth

    D90 General D91 Intertemporal Consumer Choice, Life Cycle Models and Saving

    D92 Intertemporal Firm Choice and Growth, Investment, or Financing

    D99 Other     

    E Macroeconomics and Monetary Economics 

    E00 Macroeconomics and Monetary Economics (General)   

    E1 General Aggregative Models (incl. Critics)
    E10 General

    E11 Marxian, Sraffian

    E12 Keynes, Keynesian, Post-Keynesian

    E13 Neoclassical and New Classical Macroeconomics

    E17 Forecasting and Simulation

    E19 Other 

    E2 Consumption, Saving, Production, Employment, and  Investment

    E20 General

    E21 Consumption, Saving

    E22 Capital, Investment (including Inventories), Capacity

    E23 Production

    E24 Employment, Unemployment, Wages

    E25 Aggregative Factor Income Distribution

    E27 Forecasting and Simulation

    E29 Other   

    E3 Prices, Business Fluctuations, and Cycles

    E30 General

    E31 Price Level, Inflation, Deflation

    E32 Business Fluctuations, Cycles

    E37 Forecasting and Simulation

    E39 Other   

    E4 Money and Interest Rates

    E40 General (incl. Money, Monetary Economics)

    E41 Demand for Money

    E42 Monetary Standards and Regimes, Government and the Monetary System

    E43 Determination of Interest Rates, Term Structure of Interest Rates

    E44 Macroeconomy and the Financial Markets

    E47 Forecasting and Simulation

    E49 Other   

    E5 Monetary Policy, Central Banking, and the Supply of  Money and Credit

    E50 General

    E51 Money Supply, Credit, Money Multipliers

    E52 Monetary Policy (Targets, Instruments, and Effects)

    E58 Central Banks and Their Policies

    E59 Other


    E6 Macroeconomic Policy, Macroeconomic Aspects of  Public Finance, and General Outlook

    E60 General (incl. Gen. Books in Economic Policy)

    E61 Policy Objectives, Policy Designs and Consistency, Policy Coordination

    E62 Fiscal Policy, Public Expenditures and Finance, Taxation

    E63 Comparative or Joint Analysis of Fiscal and Monetary or Stabilization Policy

    E64 Incomes Policy, Price Policy

    E65 Studies of Particular Policy Episodes

    E66 General Outlook and Conditions

    E69 Other   


  • FSES F - Z
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    F International Economics

    F00 International Economics (General)

    F01 Global Outlook

    F02 International Economic Order, International Relations (incl. International Organizations) 


    F1 Trade 

    F10 General

    F11 Neoclassical Models of Trade

    F12 Models of Trade with Imperfect Competition and Scale Economies

    F13 Commercial Policy, Protection, Promotion, Trade Negociations

    F14 Country and Industry Studies of Trade Economic Integration

    F15 Economic Integration 

    F151 European (Economic) Integration and Organizations
    F152 Switzerland and European (Economic) Integration

    F17 Trade Forecasting and Simulation

    F19 Other 

    F2 International Factor Movements

    F20 General

    F21 International Investment, Long-term Capital Movements

    F22 International Migration

    F23 Multinational Firms  excl. Management → M15 Export Firm and Multinational Management 


    F3 International Finance

    F30  General

    F31  Exchange Rates, Foreign Exchange Intervention

    F32  Current Account Adjustment, Short-term Capital Movements 

    F33  International Monetary Arrangements and Institutions

    F34  International Lending and Debt Problems 

    F35  Foreign Aid

    F36  Financial Aspects of Economic Integration

    F361 Financial Aspects of European Economic Integration

    F39 Other 


    F4 Macroeconomic Aspects of International Trade and Finance 

    F40 General

    F41 Open Economy Macroeconomics

    F42 International Policy Coordination

    F43 Economic Growth of Open Economies

    F47 Forecasting and Simulation

    F49 Other 


    G Financial Economics


    G00 Financial Economics (General)


    G1 General Financial Markets 

    G10 General 

    G11 Portfolio Choice

    G12 Asset Pricing

    G13 Contingent Pricing, Futures Pricing, Financial Instruments

    G14 Information and Market Efficiency, Event Studies 

    G15 International Financial Markets 

    G18 Government Policy and Regulation 

    G19 Other 


    H Public Economics

    H00 Public Economics (General) 

    H10  General

    H11  Structure and Scope of Government 

    H19  Other 


    H2 Taxation and Subsidies

    H20 General Efficiency

    H21 Optimal Taxation 

    H22 Incidence

    H23 Externalities, Redistributive Effects

    H24 Income and Other Nonbusiness Taxes

    H25 Business Taxes

    H26 Tax Evasion

    H27 User Charges

    H29 Other


    H3 Fiscal Policies and Behavior of Economic Agents 

    H30 General 

    H31 Household

    H32 Firm 

    H39 Other 


    H4 Publicly Provided Goods 

    H40 General 

    H41 Public Goods, Externalities 

    H42 Publicly Provided Private Goods 

    H43 Project Evaluation, Social Discount Rate, Cost-Benefit Analysis  

    H49 Other


    H5 Social Policy, National Government Expenditures and Related Policies 

    H50 General (incl. Manuals and General Books in Social Policy) 

    H51 Government Expenditures and Health

    H52 Government Expenditures and Education

    H53 Government Expenditures and Welfare Programs 

    H54 Infrastructures

    H55 Social Security and Public Pensions

    H56 National Security and War

    H57 Procurement 

    H59 Other 


    H6 National Budget, Deficit, and Debt

    H60 General 

    H61 Budget, Budget Systems

    H62 Deficit

    H63 Debt, Debt Management

    H69 Other 


    H7 State and Local Government, Intergovernmental Relations

    H70 General (incl. Fiscal Federalism) 

    H71 State Taxation, Subsidies and Revenue, Budget and Expenditures

    H72 Local Public Finance

    H73 Interjuridictional Differentials and Their Effects

    H74 State and Local Borrowing 

    H77 Intergovernmental Relations 

    H79  Other   


    H8 Miscellaneous Issues

    H80 General 

    H81 Governmental Loans and Credits

    H82 Governmental Property

    H83 Public Policies Management 

    H87 International Fiscal Issues 

    H89 Other 


    H9 Public entreprise and Privatization

    H90 Public entreprise 

    H91 Privatization 

    I Social Economics 

    I00 Social Economics (General) 

    I10 Economics of Health (Health Care Markets, Health Production,  Nutrition, Mortality, and Economic Behavior) 

    I20 Economics of Human Capital (Economics of Education, Analysis of Education, Educational Finance) 

    I30 Economics of Welfare and Poverty (General Welfare, Basic Needs, Quality of Life, Welfare Programs)

    I40 Economics of the Family 


    J Labor and Demographic Economics  

    J00 Labor and Demographic Economics (General) 

    J10 Demographic Economics, Demography and Economy, Economic Consequences of Demography, Demographic Trends and Forecasts, Economics of Minorities, Economics of Gender, Marriage, Marital Dissolution, Fertility, Child Care, Children, Economics of the Elderly, Value of Life, Foregone Income, Public Policy Other: Demography and Population Statistics → C80 Demography, Population Statistics 

    J20 Time Allocation, Work Behavior, and Employment Determination (incl. Labor Economics, Labor Market, Labor Force, Labor Productivity, Retirement, Safety, Accidents, Public Policy) 

    J30 Wages, Compensation, and Labor Costs 

    J40 Particular Labor Markets 

    J50 Labor-Management Relations, Trade Unions, and Collective Bargaining 

    J60 Mobility, Unemployment, and Vacancies (Unemployment Insurance) 

    J70 Discrimination 


    K Law and Economics  

    K00 Law and Economics (General)

    K10 Basic Areas of Law  

    K20 Regulation and Business Law

    K30 Other Substantive Areas of Law

    K40 Legal Procedure, the Legal System, and Illegal Behavior 


    L Industrial Organization

    L00 Industrial Organization (General) 

    L10 Market Structure, Firm Strategy, Market Performance  (Production and Market Structure, Barriers to Entry, Monopoly, Oligopoly, Transactional Relationships, Collusion, Cartels, Information and Product Quality, Industrial Organization and Macroeconomics) 

    L20 Firm Organization, Market Structure (Markets vs. Hierarchies, Vertical Integration, Diversification) 

    L30 Nonprofit Organizations and Public Enterprise 

    L40 Antitrust and Industrial Policy (Economics of Regulation, Sectoral Planning Methods) 

    L60 Industry Studies: Manufacturing

    L70 Industry Studies: Primary Products and Construction 

    L8 Industry Studies: Services 

    L80 General

    L82 Entertainment, Media (Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Broadcasting, Publishing, etc.)

    L83 Sports, Gambling, Recreation, Tourism

    L86 Information and Internet Services, Computer Software

    L89 Other 

    L9 Industry Studies: Utilities and Transportation

    L90 General

    L91 Transportation: General

    L94 Electric Utilities

    L96 Telecommunications 

    L98 Government Policy

    L99 Other 

    M Business and Administration, Marketing, Accounting

    M00 Business and Administration, Marketing, Accounting incl. Business World, Business Environment (General)

    M01 Methodology 

    M1 Business Administration

    M10 Manuals and General Books in Management 


    M111 Firm Organization

    M112 Management and Production Oriented Computer Sciences

    M113 Relation of the Firm to Social Values: Social Responsability and Business Ethics


    M120 Firm Objectives and Controlling: Planning, Firm Strategy, Strategic Management, Firm Development, Alliances

    M121 Firm Governance: Models and Methods (incl. Internal Information and Communication)

    M122 Entrepreneurship, Innovation Management

    M123 Corporate Culture  


    M13 Production Management and Organization, Quality Management (General) Personnel

    M14 Human Ressources Management Intern. Management

    M15 Export Firm and Multinational Management 

    Branches Specificity

    M160 Management of Nonprofit Organization and Public Entreprise Management Specificity → L30 Nonprofit Organizations and Public Enterprise

    M161 Management of Financial Institutions and Financial Services Management Specificity → G2 Financial Institutions and Services (Description, excl. Management)

    M162 Small- and medium-sized Enterprise (all Aspects)

    M163 Retail Management M164 Management of Telecommunications

    M17 Cases, Comparative Management

    M19 Manuals and General Books in Management (Other)

    Finance → G3 Corporate Finance and Governance

    Marketing → M2 Marketing

    Decision and Risk Analysis, Multiple Criteria Decision Making → C75 Decision, Utility and Risk Analysis

    M2 Marketing

    M20 General

    M21 Marketing Strategy, Planning, Segmentation, Development, Organization and Control  (incl. Comp. Integrated Marketing)

    M22 Marketing Research, Quantitative Marketing, Consumer Behavior Psychology 

    M23 Marketing-Mix

    M230 General

    M231 Product, Design, Quality Marketing

    M232 Pricing

    M233 Distribution

    M234 Communication (Advertising, Promotion, Public Relation)  see also DSS AP1720-1759 (4th floor)

    M235 Relationship Marketing, Consumer Care, Consumer Retention, Internal Marketing

    M24 Industrial Marketing and Services

    M25 International Marketing

    M26 Functions, Cases (Product, Enterprise, Branches)

    M27 Telecommunications Marketing, Electronic Marketing

    M29 Other


    M3 Accounting

    M30 General

    M31 Financial Accounting

    M32 Cost Accounting

    M33 Comparative and International Accounting

    M34 Controlling

    M39 Other    


    N Economic History

    N00 Economic History (General)

    N01 Development of the Discipline: Historiographical, sources and methods

    N10 Macroeconomics, Growth and Fluctuations Industries

    N20 Financial Markets and Institutions

    N30 Labor, Demography, Education, Income, Wealth

    N40 Government (incl. Public Policy), Institutions, law and regulation

    N50 Agriculture, Natural Resources, Extractive Industries

    N60 Manufacturing and Construction

    N70 Transport, Trade, Energy, and Other Services 


    O Economic Development, Technological Change and Growth

    O00 Economic Development, Technological Change and Growth (General)

    O1 Economic Development 

    O10 General

    O11 Macroeconomic Analyses of Economic Development

    O12 Microeconomic Analyses of Economic Development

    O13 Agriculture, Natural Resources, Other Primary Products

    O14 Industrialization, Choice of Technology, Development Strategies (IS, ISI, EPS)

    O15 Human Resources, Income Distribution, Migration

    O16 Financial Markets, Saving and Capital Investment

    O17 Formal and Informal Sectors, Shadow Economy, Institutional Arrangements

    O18 Regional, Urban, and Rural Analyses

    O19 International Linkages to Development, Role of International Organizations

    O2 Development Planning and Policy, State and Development, Development Projects

    O20 General 

    O3 Technological Change 

    O30 General

    O31 Innovation and Invention: Processes and Incentives

    O32 Management of Technological Innovation, R&D

    O33 Technological Change: Choices and Consequences

    O34 Intellectual Property Rights: National and International Issues

    O38 Government Policy

    O39 Other 


    O4 Economic Growth

    O40 General

    O41 One, Two, and Multisector Growth Models 

    O42 Monetary Growth Models

    O47 Measurement of Economic Growth, Aggregate Productivity

    O49 Other 

    O5 Economywide Country Studies 

    O50 General

    O51 U.S., Canada

    O52 Europe

    O521 Switzerland

    O53 Asia including Middle East

    O54 Latin America, Caribbean

    O55 Africa

    O56 Oceania

    O57 Comparative Studies of Countries 


    P Economic Systems

    P00 General

    P10 Capitalist Systems

    P20 Socialist Systems

    P30 Economic Systems in Transition (Privatization)

    P40 Other Systems

    P50 Comparative Economic Systems 


    Q Agricultural, Environmental and Natural Resource Economics

    Q00 Agricultural, Environmental and Natural Resource Economics (General) État au 22.03.2023 20

    Q1 Agriculture 

    Q10 General

    Q11 Aggregate Supply and Demand Analysis, Prices, Agricultural Markets

    Q12 Micro Analysis of Farm Firms, Farm Households, and Farm Input Markets

    Q13 Agricultural Markets and Marketing, Cooperatives, Agribusiness

    Q14 Agricultural Finance

    Q15 Land Ownership and Tenure, Land Reform, Land Use, Irrigation

    Q16  R&D, Agricultural Technology, Agricultural Extension Services

    Q17 Agriculture in International Trade

    Q18 Agricultural Policy, Food Policy

    Q19 Agriculture and Demography, Agriculture and Environment 


    Q2 Environmental Management, Environment, Renewable and Nonrenewable Resources and Conservation

    Q20 General (incl. Economy and Environment)

    Q21 Demand and Supply of Renewable Resources

    Q22 Fishery, Forestry, Land

    Q23 Water, Air

    Q24 Recreational Aspects of Natural Resources

    Q25 Nonrenewable Resources (incl. Exhaustible Resources and Economic Development) 
    Q28 Government Policy (Environmental Policy)

    Q29 Other 


    Q3 Energy

    Q30 General, Demand and Supply, Alternative Energy Sources, Energy and the Macroeconomy Government Policy, Other 


    R Urban and Regional Economics

    R0 Urban and Regional Economics General

    R01 Handbooks

    R02 Readings in Regional and Urban Economics

    R03 Empirical General Studies

    R030 General

    R031 Switzerland

    R032 Fribourg

    R033 Ticino

    R039 Other 


    R1 General Spatial Economics

    R10 General Spatial Economics

    R11 Analysis of Growth, Development, and Changes

    R110 General

    R111 Regional Disparities, Unequal Development

    R112 Growth Poles, Development "from above"

    R113 Endogeneous Growth, Development "from below"

    R114 Mesoeconomic Paradigm, Industrial Districts, Local Milieu and Innovation Networks
    R12 Size and Spatial Distributions of Regions

    R120 General

    R121 Concepts of Region

    R122 Topology of Regions

    R126 Border Regions

    R13 General Equilibrium and Welfare Economic Analysis of Regional Economies

    R130 General

    R131 General Equilibrium

    R132 Welfare Analysis

    R14 Land Use Patterns

    R15 Econometric and Input-Output Models

    R150 General

    R151 Regional Accounting, Input-Output Models

    R152 Mathematical Models, Econometric Models

    R19 Other 

    R2 Household Analysis

    R20 General

    R21 Housing Demand

    R22 Other Demand

    R23 Regional Migration, Regional Labour Markets

    R29 Other 


    R3 Production Analysis and Firm Location

    R30 General

    R31 Housing Supply and Markets

    R32 Other Production and Pricing Analysis

    R320 Economics of Location: General

    R321 Industrial Location

    R322 Services (incl. Tourism) and Region

    R33 Nonagricultural Land Pricing

    R34 Input Demand Analysis

    R39 Other 

    R4 Transportation and Telecommunication Systems

    R40  Transportation Systems

    R400 General

    R401 Handbooks

    R402 Readings and Critical Points of View

    R41  Transportation, Demand, Supply, and Congestion

    R42  Government and Private Transportation Investment Analysis (incl. Regional Effects  and Investments)

    R45   Spatial Impacts of Telecommunication

    R450 Spatial Impacts of Telecommunication General

    R452 Readings

    R458 Telecommunication Policy

    R459 Other

    R48 Government Pricing, Regulatory Policies

    R49 Other 


    R5 Regional Policy Analysis

    R50 General

    R52 Land Use and Other Regulations

    R520 General

    R525 Land Regulation in Switzerland

    R53 Public Facility Location Analysis

    R530 General

    R532 Financial Facilities

    R533 Infrastructural Facilities

    R534 Industrial Land Policy

    R58 Regional Development Policy

    R580 General

    R581 Local Initiatives

    R582 Description of Empirical Cases (except Switzerland)

    R583 Methods of Choice Analysis

    R584 Efficiency of the Policy

    R59 Other

    R6 Urban Specific Problems

    R60 General

    R601 Handbooks

    R602 Readings

    R603 Urbanization in Switzerland

    R62 Urban Growth

    R64 Urban Transport

    Cities and Economic Activities

    R67 Urban Sociology

    R68 Urban Policy

    R69 Other

    S Series in Economics
    SA Series in General Economics


    Z Other Topics

    Z00 General

    Z10 Psychology and Sociology

    Z30 Social Philosophy

    Z40 Philosophy 


Niveau 2: Economie (FSES A - E) 

Niveau 3: Economie (FSES F - Z)