Call for papersPublikationsdatum 23.05.2019

Globalizing peripheries. Mobilities, diversification and reconfiguration of "the local" within territories at the margins

Andrea Boscoboinik, Viviane Cretton and Andrea Friedli are orginizing a panel for the next Annual Meeting of the Swiss Anthropological Association, 8 – 9.11.2019, Graduate Institute, Geneva, Switzerland.

Please find more information in the attached document.

In which ways is “the global” reimagined and reconfigured across the worldwide process of urbanization and gentrification in peripheric areas, like sea, countryside or mountain sites? This panel aims to explore diverse manifestations of this worldwide tendency of living “outside cities”, or “in nature”, through individual experiences and routes, narratives and imaginaries, representations and subjectivities. It invites participants to present their empirical data focusing on non-urban areas – mountain, sea or countryside regions – as idealized places for living, or not, while encouraging the story-telling of individuals or families who have made the choice to settle temporary or pe manently in such places and spaces.