Zarina Urmanbetova




Doktorandin, Department für Sozialwissenschaften

I am a sociocultural anthropologist from the Kyrgyz Republic. I hold an MA in Cultural Anthropology from Hacettepe University in Ankara and a BA in Media studies from the Kyrgyz-Turkish Manas University in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. 

After completing my studies, I worked as a researcher on various projects by UN Women Kyrgyzstan, the public foundation Urban Initiatives, the Research Institute of Islamic Studies in Bishkek, and the Analytical Center Polis Asia.

I am a doctoral researcher in the team project “ROADWORK: An Anthropology of Infrastructure at China’s Inner Asian Borders,” funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation (2018-2022) and directed by Prof. Agnieszka Joniak-Lüthi. In my study, I focus on the social life of roads in central Kyrgyzstan, where I conducted eleven months of ethnographic fieldwork in 2019-2021. 

Research interests: anthropology of infrastructure, multimedia storytelling, poetry, feminism, memory and nostalgia, beliefs and religious practices, and decolonial approaches.

Research area: Kyrgyzstan, Central Asia, Turkey

Student supervision:

I am happy to supervise BA theses and seminar papers on topics such as Islam, gender, urban and memory studies, and the anthropology of infrastructure in the context of Central Asia. Further, I offer advice on qualitative research methods and the MAXQDA program for data analysis. 

Forschung und Publikationen

  • Publikationen

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