Student Subsidies


Reduction of the Registration Fee

If you have studied at the University of Fribourg for at least one, and no more than sixteen semesters, and your financial situation makes it difficult to cover education cost you have until May 1 to submit an application for a reduced registration fee due to reasons of welfare. The application forms are, however, available on the internet from March 1 to May 1. As an exception, students who attend their first semester in fall have until November 1 to request a reduction for the spring semester. The form can only be requested by e-mail.


The University of Fribourg does not allocate grants for studies at the University of Fribourg.

Cantonal Grants and Student Loans

The office for grants and student loans of the cantonal Department for Education of the home canton (where income tax is paid) is responsible for allocating student financial help. In the canton of Fribourg, this is the Department of Education, Culture and Sport. Applications can be made up to two months before the beginning (or continuation) of studies for the current academic year.


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Grant Office
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CH–1701 Freiburg/Fribourg
+41 26 305 12 51

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Ernst-Burri Foundation

The Ernst-Burri Foundation awards contributions towards the education of needy students who are Swiss citizens and who have the right to request a grant in the canton of Fribourg. The application form can be obtained form the Ernst-Burri Foundation, P.O. Box 575, 1701 Fribourg. Applications will only be considered from candidates who have also applied for a grant to the Grant Office of the Canton of Fribourg.

Grant System

The most important information concerning the grant system in Switzerland can be found at the portal maintained by the Swiss Conference of Cantonal Ministers of Education. There you will find an explanation of the grant system as such, information on the responsibility of the cantons and the addresses of all the cantonal grant offices.

Social Counselling and Student Finances

The Office for Social Counselling and Student Finances of the University of Fribourg can support you with advice concerning welfare questions and also help with financial support. The deadlines for an application for a student subsidy are October 10 (autumn semester) and March 10 (spring semester). More detailed information can be obtained directly from the Office for Social Counseling and Student Finances (see Social Counselling).

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