Language Courses

The Language Centre offers courses for spoken and written language skills at all levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (A1 to C2). The courses and the teaching methods are adjusted to the needs of the students and comply with the language policy of the University.

Category A: Language courses for students from all faculties and other persons affiliated with the University of Fribourg, for which registration is based on a placement test.

Category B: Language courses which are part of a study programme and which are limited to the students following that programme:

  • For students in the Bachelor programmes «Deutsch als Fremdsprache», «Français langue étrangère» (BA LET) and «Italiano langua straniera»,
  • For students in the Bachelor and Master programmes «English» (Faculty of Arts) and for students who are doing their Master programme in English (Faculty of Science)
  • For future teachers of foreign languages (BA_SI French, German, Italian, and English as foreign languages), candidates for the teaching degree at level 1 (lower secondary school)
  • For the acquisition of language skills for study and professional purposes ( Faculty of Law)
  • For students in the programme «bilingue plus»

Pre-semester intensive courses for French and German: The Language Centre in collaboration with the International Relations Office of the University of Fribourg offers an intensive French or German course (priority for mobility students).

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Autonomous Language Learning

The Language Centre has a Self-learning Centre with material available for studying a foreign language either autonomously or with guidance. Students and University staff can learn languages individually, under their own responsibility, and receive personal help when required. Self-learning is an addition to the language courses and material is available for over thirty different languages. More information on learning guidance, user regulations, and opening hours can be found on the web site.


UNItandem is a one-to-one arrangement for students and persons affiliated with the University who wish to extend their knowledge of a foreign language. Language partnerships can be arranged for German, French, Italian, English, Spanish, and for other languages when partners can be found.

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