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Vendredi / Friday, 26 Octobre / October 2018            

9:00      Café d’accueil / Welcoming Coffee

9:20      Colloque doctoral: Introductions: Michael Sherwin, o.p. (Université de Fribourg)
             Président / moderator: Luc-Thomas Somme, o.p. (ISTAC Fellow, Université de Fribourg)

9:30      Jean Arfeux: présentation de thèse.

10:15    Échange / Discussion

10:30    Pause-café / Coffee Break

10:45    Sébastien Perdrix, o.p.: présentation de thèse.

11:15    Échange / Discussion

11:45    Pause midi / Midday Break


18:00    Introduction: Christian Virtue Applied: the Mandate of Holy Thursday?
            Michael Sherwin, o.p. (University of Fribourg)

18:15    The challenges

  • Wojciech Giertych, o.p. (Theologian of the Papal Household):
    “Perplexing Resistances Against Virtue.”
  • Mary Angelica Neenan, o.p. (University of Dallas): 
    “Some Challenges to Teaching Virtue to Young Adults.”

19:15    Discussion

19:45    Réception / Reception

Samedi / Saturday, 27 Oct.

            Président / moderator: Thierry Collaud (University of Fribourg)

8:00      Roger Pouivet (Université de Lorraine): “What Servais Pinckaers adds to Virtue Ethics.”

8:30      Craig Steven Titus (Divine Mercy University): 
            “Distorted Visions of Love: Aquinas, Men, Women, and Pornography.”

9:00      Discussion

9:30      Pause café / Coffee Break

10:00    Jennifer Frey (University of South Carolina): “Happiness and Humanae Vitae

10:30    Angela McKay (Catholic University of America): “The Fiction of the Whiskey Priest.”

11:00    William Mattison (University of Notre Dame): “The ‘Good’ Acts of the Person in Mortal Sin.”

11:30    Discussion

12:00    Pause déjeuner / Lunch break

            Président / moderator: Sally Feng (Fu Jen Catholic University, Taipei)

14:00    Paul L. Gondreau (Providence College): 
            “Humanae Vitae and the Virtue of Chastity: 
            What the Recent Sex-Abuse Scandal in the Church Can Teach Us.”

14:30    Michele Schumacher (University of Fribourg): 
            “The Reunification of Personalism and Naturalism: Fr. Pinckaers’ contribution to our   understanding of the ‘inseparable connection’ between the unitive and the procreative”

15:00    Paige Hochschild (Mount Saint Mary’s University): 
            “Virtue, the passions, and Christian Family Life.”

15:30    Discussion

16:00    Pause café / Coffee Break

16:30    Mary Hirschfeld (Villanova University): 
            “From Oikos to Economy: 
            Virtue and the Decline in Household Production”

17: 00   Patrick Clark (University of Scranton):

17:30    Discussion

18:00    Pause / break

18:15    Discours de clôture / Closing address (at the Albertinum)
             Romanus Cessario, o.p. (St. John’s Seminary, Brighton, MA): 
            “Sanctified Thought and Affection in Aquinas’s Teaching on Nature and Grace”

Dimanche / Sunday, 28 Oct.

8:00      Messe et homélie / Mass and homily: Mgr Jean-Louis Bruguès, o.p.

9:00      Réception / Reception

10:00    Marie-Dominique Minassian: “Les vertus des moines martyres de Tibhirine”

12:00    Pause déjeuner / Lunch break

14:30    Magdalena Burlacu: “Virtue in the Art and Architecture of Fribourg” (a guided tour)

18:30    Fin du colloque / End of the Conference


This conference is funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation

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