Scientific collaborations between the existing non-human primate (NHP) facilities in Fribourg and Zürich are as follows:

- Project SNF Ambizione (2016-2019). "Design of epidural implants and electrical stimulation protocols for the recovery of arm control after spinal cord injury" PI Dr. Marco Capogrosso, project conducted at SPCCRon the site of UNIFR.

- Project SNF (2016-2019). "An implanted neuro-prosthesis based on peripheral intraneuronal electrodes to restore grasping functions (NeuGrasp)" Prof. S. Micera EPFL (P.I.), Prof. E.M. Rouiller UNIFR (co-applicant).

- Project SNF Sinergia (2016-2018) EPFL (Prof. G. Courtine, Prof. S. Micera, Prof. S.P. Lacour), UNIL (Dr. J. Block), UNIFR (Prof. E.M. Rouiller): Electrochemical neuromodulation therapies to improve recovery after spinal cord injury.

- Collaboration UNIGE ( Prof. C. Lüscher), UNIFR (Prof. E.M. Rouiller; Dr. F. Lanz): Research project on addiction (private foundation financing), 2016-2017.

- Collaboration EPFL (Prof. G. Innocenti) - UNIFR (Prof. E.M. Rouiller): Properties of axons in non-human-primate CNS, 2014-2018.

- In the context of NCCR Neuro (2001-2013), close collaboration between Prof. Martin Schwab (UZH and ETHZ) and Prof. E.M. Rouiller (UNIFR) to test in monkey the pertinence and safety of the anti-Nogo-A strategy to improve recovery from spinal cord injury or from cerebral cortex lesion. Pursued 2014-2017.

- Joint appointment Prof. G. Rainer (UNIFR) and EPFL in Lausanne. A collaboration on the model of NHP in Fribourg between the 2 institutions is foreseen, in the context of developing robotic prosthetic devices for instance.

- Project SNF Sinergia PROMETHEUS on cell therapy for Parkinson disease between UNIGE (PI Prof. K.H. Krause) and UNIFR (co-PI Prof. E.M. Rouiller), 2010-2015.. In the same context, collaboration between Uni Geneva (Prof. Ch. Michel) et Uni Fribourg (Prof. E.M. Rouiller) for EEG recordings in non-human primates.

- SNF project (2005-2008), continued on an informal basis still ongoing, between Dr. J. Bloch – Dr. J.F. Brunet at Uni Lausanne and Prof. E.M. Rouiller (UNIFR), to test in monkeys a therapy strategy based on auto-transplantation of adult progenitor cells in macaques after lesion of the cerebral cortex.

- UZH: In the context of the NCCR Neuro (2001-2013) there was collaboration between Prof KAC Martin, Dr. D. Kiper, and Dr. H-J Scherberger. Studies using post mortem material from these experiments continue in Prof Martin’s laboratory. In addition there is contact with Prof Van Schaik’s group in UZH, who conducts behavioral observations on captive non-human primates.