Year / Semester: AS 13 (Semester Course)  
Course: Innovation and new media: Business and Public challenges  
Code: 6640-1467  
Course Language : English  
Lecturer: Noam E.  
Level: Master  
Hours per week: 2  
ECTS: 3  
Course Goals: The course covers the most dynamic segment of advanced economies--its media, information and communications sector. It takes an innovative approach, bringing together several topics and approaches of management program and applying them to this particular industry sector.
Lectures deal with: content production; demand measurement; intellectual asset management; Human Resource Management in the New Media; Technology Management; Distribution; and information Sector Strategies. For each of these functions we assemble a set of tools for analysis and managerial operations, and a set of societal perspectives. Several major media industries are covered.  
Course Description: 7 sessions
1. a. Introduction: the Information environment;
b. Production of Media Content
2. Technology Management for New Media
3. Intellectual Assets
4. Human Resources in New Media
5. Demand and Market Analysis
6. Distribution
7. Strategy; Conclusion  
Reference Books, Duplicated Notes:  
Time Schedule:
Date Hour Course / Excercise Room
Tuesday 05.11.2013   11:15 - 13:00   Course   PER 21 A120  
Tuesday 05.11.2013   14:15 - 18:00   Course   PER 21 C140  
Wednesday 06.11.2013   9:15 - 13:00   Course   PER 21 E040  
Wednesday 06.11.2013   14:15 - 18:00   Course   PER 21 C120  
Thursday 07.11.2013   9:15 - 13:00   Course   PER 21 E040  
Thursday 07.11.2013   15:15 - 19:00   Course   PER 21 E130  
Friday 08.11.2013   9:15 - 13:00   Course   PER 21 A230  
Friday 08.11.2013   13:15 - 16:00   Course   PER 21 E130  
Authorised Students / Restrictions / Conditions:
Student Number: 30  
Softskills Students: Not authorised  
Free Auditor: Not authorised  
Erasmus students: Authorised 
Condition: INSCRIPTION OBLIGATOIRE en septembre pour les étudiants avec priorité pour les Master in Business Communication et cours ouvert aux gestionnaires d’entreprise (non prioritaires)  
Examinations Information:
Examination Regulation: Regulations from February 18th, 2009 on the organisation of studies and assessments at the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences of the University of Fribourg  
Type of Assessment: written exam

  • The pre registration period on mySES for this course / seminar will be from September 2nd 9h00 to October 4th 2013.
  • The registration period winter period 2014 for the exam will be from November 11th to December 13th 2013 on mySES.
  • The registration period re-assessment period 2014 for the exam will be from July 14th to August 4th 2014 on mySES.
  • Without registration in the given period, no exam in the re-assessment period can be taken. Please take note of the deadline.
Duration of Examination:  60  
Language(s) of Assessment: English  
Study Programme:
Valid for the following programmes:
  • Master in Business Communication