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Michael Reicherts

Job: Professor Emeritus
eMail: michael.reicherts@unifr.ch
Unit: Psychologie clinique et Psychologie de la Santé      


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 Curriculum vitae

Name                         Michaël REICHERTS

Home adress              Chemin de la Combetta 30 
                                   CH-1723 Marly / Switzerland

Date of birth                 3.8.1950 in Stuttgart / Germany

Current position            Professor emeritus of Clinical Psychology
                                   Department of Psychology
                                   University of Fribourg
                                   Rue Faucigny 2
                                   CH-1700 Fribourg / Switzerland

                                   Lecturer "Entretien - Counselling - Intervention" 
                                   UniDistance Suisse
                                   CH-3900 Brig / Switzerland


College                        Stefan-George-Gymnasium Bingen, Maturity 1969

University                   Cologne / Germany 1969-1975 (Master in Economics)

                                    Bonn / Germany 1976-1981 (Master in Psychology)

                                    Fribourg / Switzerland 1982-1988 (Doctoral studies)

Dr. phil.                       University of Fribourg 1988

Habilitation                 University of Fribourg 1996

Professional and psychotherapy training

Health Psychologist FSP (« Psychologue spécialiste en Psychologie de la santé » FSP);
Training in cognitive-behavioral  therapy, person-centered and experiential therapy

Professional history

University assistant    

1975-1981                    Research assistant, University of Cologne/ Germany, Institute of Organization

1982                            Teaching assistant, University of Bonn/ Germany, Department of Psychology

1982-1988                    Research assistant, University of Fribourg, Department of Psychology

1988-1992                    Doctoral assistant, University of Fribourg, Department of Psychology

Post-doc and Lecturer 

1992-1997                    Maître d'enseignement et de recherche of Data analysis and methodology
                                    University of Geneva, Faculty of psychology and educational sciences

University professor   

1997-2001                   Associated professor of Clinical Psychology 
                                   University of Fribourg, Department of Psychology

1999                            Invited professor, Clinical Psychology/Cognitive-behavioral approaches
                                   University of Geneva, Faculty of psychology and sciences of education

2001-2011                   Full professor of Clinical Psychology 
                                   University of Fribourg, Department of Psychology

2002-03 and 2006-07   Director of the Department of Psychology

2002-2003                   President of the Directors of Swiss Departments of Psychology (CDIPS)

Direction of academic and post-graduate training programs

1998-2000                   Co-direction of the Swiss doctoral program
                                   "Stress and emotion at work and in social relationships"

2000-2004                   Advisory Board, Health Psychology Switzerland (SSPsyS)

2004-2011                   Member of the scientific board of the Master of Advanced Studies (CUSO) « Psychologie de l'enfant et de l'adolescent

2005-2011                   Director of the Master of Science in Psychology, University of Fribourg 
                                   "Clinical and Health Psychology"

2005-2011                   President of the scientific board of the post-graduate program                                                           
                                   « Certificat en intervention comportementale et cognitive »

2009-2011                   President of the scientific board of the post-graduate program 
                                   « Diplôme en psychothérapie comportementale et cognitive »

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