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Chantal Martin Sölch

Job: Professor
Office: RM C-2.107
Rue P.A. de Faucigny 2
1700 Fribourg
Phone: +41 26 300 7687
eMail: chantal.martinsoelch@unifr.ch
Unit: Psychologie clinique et Psychologie de la Santé      


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Recent publications

Kaufmann, L-K, Baur V., Hänggi, J., Jäncke, L., Schnyder, L., Martin-Soelch, C., Milos, G. (2017). Fornix under water? Ventricular enlargement biases forniceal diffusion MRI indices in anorexia nervosa. Biological Psychiatry, In Press.

Ledermann, K., Jenewein, J., Sprott, H., Hasler, G., Schnyder, U., Warnock, G., Johayem, A., Kollias, S., Buck, A., Martin-Soelch, C. (2017). Increased dopamine release to unpredictable rewards in female Fibromyalgia patients with comorbid depression - a [11C] raclopride bolus plus infusion PET study. Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics,86:181-182 (DOI: 10.1159/000455927).

Milos G, Baur V, Schumacher S, Kuenzli C, Schnyder U, Mueller-Pfeiffer C, Martin-Soelch C. (2017). How fat will it make me? Estimation of weight gain in anorexia nervosa. Appetite. 2017 Apr 6;114:368-373. doi: 10.1016/j.appet.2017.04.002. [Epub ahead of print]

Morina, N., Sulaj, V., Schnyder, U. Klaghofer, R., Müller, J., Martin-Soelch, C., Rufer, M. (2016). Obsessive-compulsive and posttraumatic stress symptoms among civilian survivors of war. BMC Psychiatry, 16(1):115.

Oe, M., Schumacher, S., Schnyder, U., Mueller-Pfeiffer, C., Wilhelm, F.H., Kuelen, E., Martin-Soelch, C. (2016). Discriminative evaluative conditioning in the long-term after severe accidental injury. Psychiatry Res. 240:144-150. [Epub ahead of print]

Salamin V., Corzani, S., Clément, O., Martin-Soelch, C. (2016). Mental health of relatives of individuals with a mental illness. Revue francophone de thérapie cognitive-comportementale, 21(1): 4-19.

Seiler, A., Klaghofer, R., Drabe, N., Martin-Soelch, C., Hinderling-Baertschy, V., Goetzmann, L., Boehler, A., Buechi, S., Jenewein, J. (2016). Patients‘ early post-operative experiences with lung transplantation: a longitudinal qualitative study. Patient, April 30 (Epub ahead of print).


Most cited publications

Martin-Soelch, C., Szczepanik, J., Barhaghi, K., Rallis, D., Cannon, D., Nugent, A., Herscovitch, P., Carson, R.E., Drevets W.C. (2011). Lateralization and Gender Differences in the Dopaminergic Response to Unpredictable Reward in the Human Ventral Striatum. Eur J Neurosci, 33(9), 1706-15.

Mueller-Pfeiffer, C., Martin-Soelch, C., Blair, J.R., Carnier, A., Kaiser, N., Rufe, M., Schnyder,U., Hasler, G. (2010). Impact of Emotion on Cognition in Trauma Survivors: What is the Role of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder? J. Affect Disord, 126(1-2), 287-92.

Martin-Soelch, C. (2008). Is depression associated with dysfunction of the central reward system? Biochemichal Society Transactions, 37(1), 313-17.

Martin-Soelch, C., Linthicum, J., Ernst, M. (2007). Appetitive conditioning: neural bases and implications for psychopathology. Neurosci Biobehav Rev., 31(3):426-40.

Martin-Soelch, C., Stöcklin, M., Dammann, G., Opwis, K., Seifritz, E. (2006). Anxiety modulates the psychophysiological reactions, but not the habituation associated with affective sounds. Int. J. Psychophysiol., 61, 87-97.

Martin-Soelch, C., Chevalley, A.-F., Kuenig, G., Missimer, J., Magyar, S., Mino, A., Schultz, W., Leenders, K.L. (2001) Changes in reward-induced brain activation in opiate addicts. Eur J Neurosci., 14, 1360-8.

Martin-Soelch, C., Leenders, K.L., Chevalley, A.-F., Missimer, J., Künig, G., Magyar, S., Mino, A., Schultz, W. (2001). Reward mechanisms in the brain and their role in dependence: Evidence from neurophysiological and neuroimaging studies. Brain Res Rev., 36(2-3):139-49.

Martin-Soelch, C., Magyar,S., Künig, G., Missimer, J., Schultz, W., Leenders, K. (2001). Changes in brain activation associated with reward processing in smokers and nonsmokers: a PET study. Exp Brain Res., 139, 278-286.

Künig, G., Leenders, K.L., Martin-Soelch, C., Missimer, J., Magyar, S., Schultz, W. (2000). Reduced reward processing in the brains of Parkinsonian patients. Neuroreport, 11, 3681-3687.


Large audience publications

Rey-Mermet, A. (2017, Juni 29). Fibromyalgie mieux connue, La Liberté.

Martin-Soelch, C. (2015). What makes us ill? Looking for vulnerability factors for mental illness. Adjacent Governement, November 2015, E-book, In Press.

Martin-Soelch, C. (2015). E-health: help or confusion? Adjacent government, August Edition, online edition: http://www.adjacentgovernment.co.uk/lg-edition-007/profile-e-health-help-confusion/20291/.

Martin-Soelch, C. (2015). All in your head? Paneuropean Networks, Science and Technology, November Edition

Walther, T. & Martin-Soelch, C. (2013). Bien dans son corps, bien dans sa tête? Universitas, 2: 45-48.

Martin-Soelch, C. (2013). Famille aidante - famille souffrante: Enjeux familiaux lorsqu’un membre de la famille souffre d’une maladie chronique. Universitas, 3: 46-49.

Curriculum Vitae (Short)

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Current Position

Since July 2016              Vice-Dean Faculty of Arts and Humanities, University Fribourg, Switzerland

Since December 2011     Professor in Clinical and Health Psychology, Department of Psychology
                                     University Fribourg, Switzerland


Academic Education and Theses

1990-1996                    Bilingual study in Clinical Psychology, General Psychology and Neurobiology
                                    University Fribourg (CH)

1996                             Diploma (lic.phil) in Psychology and Neurobiology

2002                             PhD in Psychology, University of Fribourg

2011                             Publication-based “Habilitation”, University of Zurich


Professional experience

2006-2012                    Head Psychologist, Head of Research Division, Department of Psychiatry of Psychotherapy,
                                    University Hospital Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland

2005-2006                    Research Fellow, Mood and Anxiety Disorder Program, National Institutes of Mental Health,
                                    National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MA (USA)

2004-2005                    Senior scientist, Center for Pathological Gambling, University Hospital of Adult Psychiatry (DUPA),
                                    University Lausanne, Lausanne, Switzerland

2000-2005                    Senior lecturer, Department of General Psychology and Methodology, Faculty of Psychology,
                                    University of Basel, Basel, Switzerland

2000                             Neuropsychologist, Gerontopsychiatric Clinic Hegibach, Psychiatric University Hospital,
                                    University Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland

1997-2000                    Research Assistent (PhD-Student), PET-Program,Paul Scherrer Institut (ETH Zurich),
                                    Villigen, Switzerland

1997                             Internship as Psychologist, Department of Psychosomatics, Children’s Hospital,
                                    Salzburg, Austria

1994-1995                    Internship as Neuropsychologist, Neuropsychology Department, Hôpital cantonal Fribourg,
                                    Fribourg, Switzerland

Département de Psychologie / Departement für Psychologie - R. Faucigny 2 - 1700 Fribourg / Freiburg - Tel +41 26 300 7620 - Fax +41 26 / 300 9712 - psychologie [at] unifr.ch - uni