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Tamara Luginbühl

Job: PhD
Office: RM C-3.108
Rue P.A. de Faucigny 2
1700 Fribourg
Phone: +41 26 300 7362
eMail: tamara.luginbuehl@unifr.ch
Unit: Klinische Familienpsychologie      


I am interested in how slow emotional changes (termed emotional inertia) impacts interpersonal functioning. Psychological dysfunctions such as depression, neuroticism, low self - esteem and fear of negative evaluation have been linked to a rigid emotional dynamic (Koval & Kuppens, 2012; Kuppens et al., 2010; Rottenberg, 2005). A goal is to extend the application of emotional inertia into the context of intimate relationships by examining its role on relationship functioning. I asses the variables of interest using an ambulatory assessment approach in combination with an interaction task in the laboratory. 


La psychopathologie et ses bases biologiques (co-teaching, FS 2017)

Persönlichkeitsstörungen (HS 2016)

Culture and emotions in relationship initiation and maintenance (co-teaching, HS 2015)

Cultural influences on emotions and behavior (HS 2013, HS 2014)


Luginbuehl, T. & Schoebi, D. (submitted). Emotional inertia and affective experience in intimate relationships.

Luginbuehl, T., & Schoebi, D. (submitted). Emotional dynamics and emotion regulation in intimate relationships. 

Schoebi, D., Pagani, A. F., Luginbuehl, T., & Bradbury, T. N. (2016). Committed to maintain: A brief measure of maintenance oriented relationship commitment (MORC). Family Science, 6, 160-160, doi:10.1080/19424620.2015.1082046

Luginbuehl, T. & Schoebi, D. (2015). Using intensive repeated measures designs to study family processes: Emotional inertia and interpersonal emotion perception in daily life. TPM, 22, 219-234. doi:10.4473/TPM22.2.4


Luginbuehl, T., Randall, A. & Schoebi, D. Is shared joy a double joy and shared sorrow half a sorrow? Presentation at The second biennial International Convention of Psychological Science (ICPS), March 23th -25th, 2017, Vienna, Austria. 

Luginbuehl, T., & Schoebi, D. Emotionale Dynamik und emotionale Reaktivität auf partnerschaftliche Situationen, Vortrag anlässlich des 34. Symposiums der Fachgruppe klinische Psychologie und Psychotherapie der DGPs, 04.05-07.05. 2016, Bielefeld, Deutschland. 

Luginbuehl, T., & Schoebi, D. Emotion dynamics and emotional reactivity to interpersonal events, Presentation at the 8th Congress of the European Society on Family Relations (ESFR), August 8th - September 3rd, 2016, Dortmund, Germany. 

Luginbuehl, T., & Schoebi, D. (2015). Emotion dynamics and emotional reactivity to interpersonal events, Presentation at the 4th Biennal Conference (Society for Ambulatory Assessment), June 24th - 27th, 2015, Pennsylvania, US.

Luginbuehl, T., & Schoebi, D. (2014). Examining emotional dynamics at the family level: A study of emotional experience and family  interactions in families with adolescents. Presentation at the 7th Congress of the European Society on Family Relations (ESFR), September 3rd - 6th, 2014, Madrid, Spain.


Clinical Training

Clinical training in CBT since september 2015 ongoing (Akademie für Verhaltenstherapie und Methodenintegration; AIM Bern)

Département de Psychologie / Departement für Psychologie - R. Faucigny 2 - 1700 Fribourg / Freiburg - Tel +41 26 300 7620 - Fax +41 26 / 300 9712 - psychologie [at] unifr.ch - uni