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Michael Ackert

Job: PhD
eMail: michael.ackert@unifr.ch
Unit: Klinische Familienpsychologie      


Interreligious partnerships form an area where new ways of being together in the community of different religions are passed. Within the scope of the ongoing project (cooperation between the Chair of Empirical Research on Religions at the University of Bern and the Institute for Family Research and Counselling, University of Fribourg), the research group investigates the extent to which psychological, social and religious factors influence interreligious couples. What contributes to the success or failure of a partnership?

Personal faith, the subjectively perceived affiliation to a religious community and the closer people should at best form a fruitful environment for partnerships and families. Nevertheless, it is conceivable and observable that, in addition to beneficial, conflicting constellations can also exist. In my part of the project I will deal with the application of the attachment theory to the symbolic binding to a prominent figure in one's faith life, as well as to the mediating function of this figure for value transformation, in order to follow the research question.


Flückiger, C., Zinbarg, R. E., Znoj, H., & Ackert, M. (2014). Resource activation in generalized anxiety—An observer-based microprocess analysis of patients’ in-session outcomes. Psychotherapy, 51, 535.

Flückiger, C., Del Re, A. C., Horvath, A. O., Symonds, D., Ackert, M., & Wampold, B. E. (2013). Substance use disorders and racial/ethnic minorities matter: A meta-analytic examination of the relation between alliance and outcome. Journal of counseling psychology, 60, 610.

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