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General Informations on our Masters programs

Duration of study: 4 semesters
Training: 2 months 100%
Studies abroad: Taking in consideration of semesters abroad for some of the modules is possible; see your academic advisor
Admission Requirements: BA in psychology at a Swiss university completed; the diplomas equivalency of BA's Swiss High School, respectively of a foreign university will be evaluated by the Department.
Knowledge of foreign languages: French or German, English
Admission restriction: None
Application: On line at the Admissions and Registration Service
Candidates with Swiss qualifications: http://www.unifr.ch/admission/en/futur/ma/ch
Candidates Bachelor of the Fribourg University, through MyData: https://admin.unifr.ch/mydata
Candidates with foreign qualifications: http://www.unifr.ch/admission/en/futur/ma/foreign

You find additional information on procedures at the following address: http://www.unifr.ch/admission/en/futur/ma/info
Deadline for application: Master studies in Psychology can be started in the fall semester or the spring semester. Application deadlines are April 30 and November 30.
Academic advisors: Option Clinical & Health Psychology:
German: peter.wilhelm(at)unifr.ch
French: anne-raphaelle.richoz(at)unifr.ch

Option Cognitive Neuroscience:
German: siegfried.macho(at)unifr.ch
French: anne-raphaelle.richoz(at)unifr.ch

Option Work and Organisational Psychology:
Specialisation "Occupational Health Psychology": regina.jensen(at)unifr.ch
Specialisation "Human Factors": sven.schmutz(at)unifr.ch

Option Psychologie Scolaire et Développement:

Ratified study program

You will find the study program ratified by the Commission of exams and studies, following this link. This document is binding. Specification given on the following pages are for your information.

MASTER of Science in Psychology

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