Joining our group/laboratory

The Chair of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy welcomes graduate students and researchers to come work with us. We are happy to provide research support where possible, as these contacts foster collaboration and exchange of ideas. We do, however, have limited space, and all requests will be evaluated on a case by case basis. Selection decisions will be made as requests are received, and can begin at any time during the year (though early notice of your request is greatly appreciated).

Taking into account that we don't have any open positions for PhD or post doc students at the chair at the moment, the candidates are expected to have their own funding prior to coming to work. If you are interested in applying for third party funding such as postgraduate scholarships to foreign scholars and researchers of the Swiss government or funding from your country (see below), please send your application to D. Garcia-Burgos ( including the following points: a curriculum vitae, a statement describing previous and current research and a paragraph or two describing what research would be performed while at our research group. Also, candidates should indicate which members’ research lines are of particular interest (see A background in clinical psychology, psychophysiology or experimental psychology and methodology is highly desirable.

Please do not hesitate to contact us ( with any questions you may have



If a candidate is interested in working with us, different pre- and post-doctoral support may be available through their funded grants or through fellowships from the candidate’s home country. Potential sources for such support are provided in the attached links.


Information on research funding possibilities as well as current calls from major funding agencies:


Government Excellence Scholarships for Foreign Scholars:


For postdocs from European Union / Pan-European:

For postdocs from Germany:

For postdocs from Sweden:

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