Associates & Cooperation

We are grateful to several people who contributed significantly to our work

Dipl. Ing. Ian Law

Dr. Zhiyun Wang (Beijing Normal University)

Msc. Nicole Zbinden

Bsc. Stefanie Lurz

We are currently in collaborative exchange with several researchers

Dr. Katrin Book (Roman Herzog Krebszentrum, München)

Drs. Thomas Bradbury and Benjamin Karney (UCLA)

Dr. Belinda Campos (UC Irvine)

Dr. Silvia Donato (UCSC Milano) 

Drs. Nadia Mikhailova and Olga Strizhitskaya (State University of St. Petersburg)

Dr. Ashley Randall (University of Arizona)

Dr. Marc Schulz (Bryn Mawr College)

Dr. Caroline Vandeleur (CHUV Lausanne)

Dr. Zhiyun Wang (Beijing Normal University)

Dr. Baldwin Way (The Ohio State University)

Dr. Ilona Yim (UC Irvine)

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