Program in Neuroscience, University of Fribourg, Switzerland

PhD in Neuroscience

The PhD Program in Neuroscience is administered by the Faculty of Natural Science and Mathematics. The degree obtained is a Dr. es sciences, mention neurosciences (French) or a Dr. phil. II, Neurowissenschaften (German). The thesis can be written in French, German, Italian or English. Admission to the program requires a Masters degree in Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Psychology, Physics, Mathematics, Informatics or a related discipline, or a Diploma in Medicine. Medical candidates may obtain a combined MD-PhD degree for a single research project. The PhD Program in Neuroscience is conducted in association with the University of Berne through the regional inter-university Benefri Convention. Please visit the Benefri Neuroscience website

The PhD curriculum includes research work in one of the laboratories participating in the Program in Neuroscience. Candidates select their laboratory of choice at the beginning of their work. The PhD degree further requires participation in a limited number of lectures, advanced block courses in neurosience, journal clubs, training courses, and national and international conferences. The block courses in neuroscience take place during one week each year, alternatingly at the Universities of Fribourg and Berne. Both our faculty members and invited scientists from Swiss and foreign universities give lectures. It is the expressed wish of all Program members that thesis work be completed within three, maximally four years. Financial support can usually be arranged with the host laboratory, typically in the range suggested by the Swiss National Science Foundation (currently 27,000-48,000 sfr/year).

Housing is found without problems in Fribourg, and it is particularly easy to find in August and September before the academic year starts. Many students, postdocs and faculty prefer to live in the historic old town of Fribourg which has a bilingual population (French- and German-speaking), with about 25% foreigners. Major airports are Geneva and Zurich, two hours away by train. Hiking, skiing, biking, sailing, fishing and hunting are found within less than one hour from Fribourg.

For further information on the PhD program and admission, please visit the Benefri Neuroscience website or contact Jean-Luc Dreyer at the Institute of Biochemistry.