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From Incunable To CD-ROM

From the invention and spread of printing in the 15th century, Augustine was widely published alongside the Bible:

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  • Strasbourg, 1486: edition of the City of God, by Johannes Mentelin.
  • Basel, 1505-17: edition of the City of God, by Amerbach, who published the complete works of Augustine in 11 volumes.
  • Basel, 1528/29: new edition of Complete Works of Augustine, in 11 volumes, by Erasmus, who combines scholarship with learned curiosity [see also background image].
  • Louvain, 1616: edition in 10 volumes, based on the comparison of several ancient manuscripts.
  • Paris, 1679-1700: first critical edition, carried out by the Maurists (15 volumes bound in 11) with the collaboration of a group of scholars, based on the comparison of manuscripts from several European regions.
  • Basel, 1995: CD-ROM bringing together all the texts of the complete Augustinian corpus, with the addition of extensive bibliography and aids to scholarship.

The same logo is shared by the Basel editions from Erasmus's in 1528-29 to the CD- ROM of 1995: the publishing house of Schwabe is in effect the heir of the house of Pietri and has adopted its emblem, which translates into pictorial terms the verse of the prophet Jeremiah (23:29): The word of God is like fire and like a hammer which breaks the rock in pieces.

  De l'incunable au CD-ROM
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