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The Journals

The number of publications devoted to augustinian studies grows by several hundreds each year. More than a dozen specialised journals incorporating Augustine's name in their title aim to promote understanding of his thought and of his influence through the ages.

The humanities in general, not exclusively theology and philosophy, profit from dialogue with Augustine.


  • Analecta Augustiniana, Roma (Italy)
  • Augustiniana, Heverlee-Louvain (Belgium)
  • Augustinian Studies, Villanova (USA)
  • Augustinianum, Roma (Italy)
  • Augustinus, Madrid (Spain)
  • Augustinus Magister, Paris (France)
  • Ciudad de Dios, Madrid (Spain)
  • Revue des Études Augustiniennes, Paris - Turnhout (France - Belgium)
  The Journals
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