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The Works

This list of Augustine's works gives an overall view of his literary legacy to the world. Its order follows that of the Revisions he wrote three or four years before his death, reviewing all his writings with the exception of the letters and sermons. In them he recounts the circumstances of the composition of 93 works in a total of 252 books.

The list reproduced below contains moreover the titles of his lost works and around a dozen of his works not mentioned in the Revisions.

List of major editions of Augustine's oeuvre:

  • Corpus Christianorum, Turnhout (Belgium)
  • Sankt Augustinus - Der Lehrer der Gnade, Würzburg (Germany)
  • Bibliothèque Augustinienne, Paris (France)
  • Nuova Biblioteca Agostiniana, Roma (Italy)
  • Obras de San Agostín, Madrid (Spain)
  • Bibliotheca Teubneriana, Stuttgart - Leipzig (Germany)
  • Corpus scriptorum ecclesiasticorum latinorum, Wien (Austria)
  The Works
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