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Augustine Re-discovered

The UN (central image) designated the year 2001 that of «a dialogue of civilisations». The encounter of the varied cultures of humanity should foster mutual respect, founded upon values shared among the entire human race. Through his africanity and his universality, Augustine provides a model and a bench-mark for this peaceful dialogue on both sides of the Mediterranean, and beyond.

Augustine's works have never ceased being copied, printed and translated, but the 20th century was the age of his re-discovery. The list of his surviving works has been enlarged through the discovery of letters and sermons previously unknown or lost. The reclamation and conservation of archaeological remains in Algeria allow Augustine's country to be better known to an ever larger public.

  Augustin redécouvert
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  la mosaïque     sermons Dolbeau     Coupures de presse    
  Discovery of the mosaic «Pax et concordia» in Tipasa (fourth century)   Detail of the Dolbeau sermons discovered in Mainz   Algerian press-cuttings  
  lettres Divjak     Lettre de dom Morin     la Pléiade    
  Detail of Divjak-letters discovered in Paris and Marseille   Letter of Dom Germain Morin, editor of augustinian sermons discovered early in the 20th century   The City of God enters the collection «La Pléiade»  
Augustin redécouvert
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