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The Travels

Augustine was a great traveller. He went unwillingly, and despite his dislike of travel and his delicate constitution, with little resistance to inclement weather. At the age of almost 30, in the autumn of 383, Augustine embarked for Rome, before being appointed to the chair of rhetoric in Milan, where he remained from 384 until his baptism in 387.

Back in Africa, he took part in the episcopal councils of several provinces as often as he could. He visited Carthage some twenty times. His longest journey was to Caesarea in Mauritania (Cherchel) in 418, in addition to others in Numidia, to Cirta (Constantine), Milev (Mila) and Calama (Guelma).

Augustine spent a third of his time outside Hippo (Annaba).


Voyages de Augustin

Map of Augustine's voyages

Medieval copy (12th-13th century) of a Roman world-map on a parchment roll (680 x 35 cm) and known by the name of its illustrious owner, Karl Peutinger (1465- 1547). It represents a view of the world as known at Augustine's time and shows the lines of communication and distances between towns from Ireland to China.


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