The Laboratory for Cognitive and Neurological Sciences investigates the anatomo-functional organization of the healthy and neurological brain using neuroimaging and non-invasive brain stimulation methods.



  • Oct 2016: The LCNS welcomes Corentin Wicht as PhD student
  • Sept 2016: The LCNS welcomes MD Dr Agnes Zeng as visiting scientist
  • Sept 2016: The LCNS welcomes Elisa Monaco as PhD student
  • June 2016: The LCNS welcomes new lithuanian collaborators for the Swiss-Lithuanian partnership
  • March 2016: The LCNS welcomes Benoìt Perriard as post-doctoral researcher
  • February 2016: Initiation of the swiss-lithuanian institutional partnership with the participation of the LCNS and the CHUV. Press release
  • February 2016: The LCNS welcomes Juliane Britz as research associate
  • February 2016: The LCNS welcomes Micaela De Weck for her medical doctor thesis
  • October 2015: The LCNS welcomes Maria Pestalozzi as PhD student
  • May 2015: The LCNS welcomes Lea Jost as post-doctoral researcher
  • April 2015: Our new methodological platform is now open: NIBSI Platform


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  • Chouiter et al., Neuroscience: "Partly segregated cortico-subcortical pathways support phonologic and semantic verbal fluency: a lesion study"
  • De Pretto et al., European Journal of Neuroscience"State-dependency of inhibitory control performance: an electrical neuroimaging study"
  • de Leon Rodriguez et al. dans Frontiers in Psychology: "The impact of language opacity and proficiency on reading strategies in bilinguals: an eye movement study"
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  • Annoni et al., Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience"Eye gaze behaviour at turn transition: How aphasic patients process speakers’ turns during video observation" 
  • Accolla et al., Journal of Affective Disorders: "Deep brain stimulation of the posterior gyrus rectus region for treatment-resistant depression"
  • Annoni JM et al., PLoS One: "Perception of co-speech gestures in aphasic patients: An eye movement study"


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