The Laboratory for Cognitive and Neurological Sciences investigates the anatomo-functional organization of the healthy and neurological brain using neuroimaging and non-invasive brain stimulation methods.



  • Apr 2017: Dr Spierer has received a research grant from the Velux Foundation for his research on aging
  • Jan 2017: The LCNS welcomes Farfalla Ribordy-Lambert as Post-doctoral researcher
  • Oct 2016: The LCNS welcomes Corentin Wicht as PhD student
  • Sept 2016: The LCNS welcomes MD Dr Agnes Zeng as visiting scientist
  • Sept 2016: The LCNS welcomes Elisa Monaco as PhD student
  • June 2016: The LCNS welcomes new lithuanian collaborators for the Swiss-Lithuanian partnership


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  • Interview of professor Annoni in the journal  Le Matin,  "Le bilinguisme augumente les réserves cognitives". Link to the article
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  • The Prof C Nicollier gave a talk during the 5th Research day in medicine. Link to the article
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