Admission Conditions

This master operates a pre-selection of students. Admission is different depending on
whether you have a Bachelors degree from the University of Fribourg or from another university.

External applicants

Applicants form another institution than the University of Fribourg please follow this admission procedure

Internal Applicants

Applicants who have already enrolled at Unifr please proceed as follows:

  • authenticate on
  • the FAQ on this page contains detailed instruction on how to register for the Master of Science program
  • then you will be requested by administration to submit a full application (including motivation letter, CV, two letters of references and the marks you have obtained so far during your Bachelor).

Applications for next year open at the end of January of the current year. They will be reviewed on a rolling basis until end of June and as long slots are available.
Decisions on applications will be communicated to candidates a soon as they are known (typically within 4 weeks after application). Only applications made through the university's online admission website will be considered.

Please note that these pages are only in English.

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