Career Day 2016
Career Day  *  University of Fribourg - Switzerland  *  22 January 2016
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Dear Life Sciences students,

University won't last forever, and have you ever thought about what to do afterwards?

If you want to know more about your different opportunities, come to the second «Career Day in Life Sciences» of the University of Fribourg!

For this free-of-charge event, young and senior professionals working in different fields of medical biology and chemistry, from industries and academic institutions, will come from all around Switzerland and talk about their personal working experiences, describe their current job and the path they followed to get there.

This will be a great occasion for PhD and master students in Life Sciences to interact with professional figures coming from different backgrounds and to find out the possibilities that Life Sciences studies will offer for their future career.

The day is organized in 4 different sessions, each one focused on a specific topic (see program). There will be many moments throughout the day in which students have the chance to talk directly to the speakers in an informal environment.

Although the event is free of charge, please remember to sign up in time (registration until 11th January).

This event has been organized as a part of the Graduate School swissuniversities/ProDoc «Cell Migration» Program (, and is kindly sponsored by University of Fribourg, SNF, swissuniversities and National Centers of Competence in Research (NCCR), research instruments of the Swiss National Science Foundation «NCCR Bio-Inspired Materials».


Prof. Carole Bourquin
Prof. Curzio Rüegg
Dr. Chiara Secondini

Mrs Marie TAMM
Career Day  *  University of Fribourg - Switzerland  *  22 January 2016