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LLM in Compliance

In an increasingly complex regulatory environment, businesses are constantly challenged by local, national and international regulations and standards concerning corporate finances, human resources, environmental impact, competition and taxation and more. The requirements are constantly evolving, leaving companies exposed to sanctions that entail significant financial and reputational losses.

In response, national and multinational companies have created internal compliance organizations charged with monitoring regulatory developments, identifying risks, designing and implementing prevention mechanisms, overcoming compliance difficulties and advising on internal rules and controls. Law firms and business advisors have developed compliance practices designed to support the national and multinational companies.  In addition, a number of specialized entities are now offering their services to companies that choose to outsource compliance procedures.

In this context, the Fribourg Law Faculty has created a unique LLM in regulatory compliance enabling you to acquire the necessary capabilities to become a successful practitioner in the field. In addition to a solid theoretical basis, the program  provides you with practical insight, allowing you to practice immediately following your studies.


The LLM program in Compliance was designed to meet the needs of  experienced lawyers and recent law graduates of proven ability.

The program is also open to university graduates with degrees in disciplines other than law whose professional experience has prepared them for the study of regulatory compliance.


The core curriculum of the Fribourg Law LLM in Compliance offers students numerous options for putting together individualized study modules suited to their own specific needs and interests. Modules can include any combination of curriculum units chosen from a wide variety of offerings:

  • an introductory course on compliance and compliance systems;
  • graduate level courses on the main areas of compliance law, including the regulatory regimes governing taxation, antitrust issues, labor relations, banking, environmental production, trade and commerce, customs clearance, corruption and money laundering,  and risk management;
  • specialized courses on law and business in the world's fastest growing economies – in  Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America; 
  • legal clinics and moot courts
  • business negotiation training, legal drafting and other skills-oriented courses and seminars.

Successful completion of each unit allows students to earn the number of ECTS credits corresponding to the investment of time and effort demanded.

Units may require between 6 and 16 hours of classroom time, spread over intervals ranging from one day to a maximum of two weeks. For a listing of the curriculum units and the ECTS credits to be earned for each unit, please consult the program structure using the link at the bottom of this page.

Enhance the value of your LLM by choosing supplementary coursesunits!


The LLM in Compliance will prepare you for a wide range of career opportunities. Potential employers include:

  • compliance and legal departments of business ranging from small and midsize enterprises to major multinational corporations in diverse industries, including international trade, banking and financial services, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, telecommunications, construction, and others;
  • law firms;
  • national and international regulatory agencies;
  • international organizations and non-governmental organizations.


The LLM Program in Compliance is designed to be completed in two semesters:

  • the fall semester runs from mid-September to mid-December
  • the spring semester runs from mid-February to mid-June

Students are admitted at the beginning of each semester.

All courses are held in English.

On average, you will have four hours of classes per day.

To receive their degree, students must complete a sufficient number of curriculum units to earn a minimum of 60 ECTS credits, including:

  • 50 ECTS credits for coursework
  • 10 ECTS for preparation of a master’s thesis or internship.



Tuition fees

Tuition fees for the core curriculum of the LLM in Compliance amount to CHF 18,500.00, and are payable in installments, as follows:

Fall Semester intakes Spring Semester intakes
Registration fee: CHF 1’500.-
Due date: two weeks from date of letter of admission
Registration fee: CHF 1’500.-
Due date: two weeks from date of letter of admission
 1st installment: CHF 4’250.-
Due date: September 1
  1st installment: CHF 4’250.-
Due date: February 1
2nd installment: CHF 4’250.-
Due date: December 1
2nd installment: CHF 4’250.-
Due date: May 1
3rd installment: CHF 4’250.-
Due date: March 1
3rd installment: CHF 4’250.-
Due date: August 1
  4th installment: CHF 4’250.-
Due date: June 1
4th installment: CHF 4’250.-
Due date: November 1

The fee for supplementary units is CHF 500.- per ECTS credit. Payment is due upon commencement of the unit.

*1 CHF is approximately equivalent to EUR 0.92, USD 0.98 or GBP 0.61.    

Application fee

The fee for the treatment of the application file is CHF 150.-. The application fee is not refundable. 

Tuition Discounts

The registration fee must be paid in full and is non-refundable.

Cumulative discounts of up to 15% on tuition fees may, however, be obtained subject to the following conditions:

Early Registration

  Fall Semester intakes Spring Semester intakes
10% Registration fee paid before March 31 Registration fee paid before September 30
5% Registration fee paid before May 31 Registration fee paid before November 30

Early Payment

An additional discount of 5% is available for early payment of the full tuition fee, as follows:

Fall Semester intakes Spring Semester intakes
5% Tuition fee in one installment by July 31 Tuition fee in one installment by January 31



Excellence Scholarship Program

The Fribourg Law Excellence Scholarship Program allows us to provide 10 scholarships, each worth CHF 10 000, and 20 scholarships, each worth CHF 7500, for outstanding candidates.

Scholarships are available to LLM candidates. The award of a scholarship and the amount thereof will be based on demonstrated academic excellence evidenced notably by:

  • results obtained by the candidate in his/hers bachelor's and masters’ degree;
  • motivation proven by the candidate through a letter of intent.

To apply for an Excellence Scholarship, please send us your CV, letter of intent, transcript of grades and list of publications or contributions (if any) by e-mail to fribourgllm@unifr.ch.
Regional Scholarship Program

The Fribourg Law Regional Scholarship Program provides financial support for candidates whose economic situation makes it extremely difficult to complete an LLM in Fribourg.

Candidates will be considered based on their Scholarship Motivation Letter where applicants are invited to describe their economic situation and how the Fribourg Law LLM will influence their professional and personal objectives.

To apply for a regional scholarship, please click here.

The early registration discount shall not apply in case a scholarship is awarded.

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