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Call for proposals

Federalism and Internal Conflict - The New Series

This series engages in the discussions on federalism as a tool of internal conflict resolution. Building on a growing body of literature on the use of federalism and territorial autonomy to solve ethnic, cultural, linguistic and identity conflicts, both in the West and in non-Western countries, this global series assesses to what extent different forms of federalism and territorial autonomy are being used as tools of conflict resolution and how successful these approaches are.

We welcome proposals on theoretical debates, single case studies and short comparative pieces covering topics including but not limited to:

  • Federalism and peace-making in contemporary intra-state conflicts
  • The link between federalism and democratization in countries facing intra-state conflict
  • Secessionism, separatism, self-determination and power-sharing
  • Inter-group violende and the potential of federalism to transform conflicts
  • Successes and Failures of federalism and other forms of territorial autonomy in post-conflict countries
  • Federalism, decentralisation and resource conflicts

For further information on the series and to submit a proposal for consideration, please get in touch with Ambra Finotello, or series editors Soeren Keil and Eva Maria Belser.


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