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The first volume of newly launched in-house publication series (PIFF) is launched

Föderalismus 2.0 - Denkanstösse und Ausblicke

Federalism is often reduced, mainly in the media, to what Swiss German call it “Kantönligeist”.  Regulatory differences between the cantons (or communities) are viewed as outdated or even discriminatory. Such labels fail to express the complexity and importance of federalism. Federalism is more than a way to organise a state or a society, it is the expression of a culture, practiced both by citizens and institutions.

Föderalismus 2.0

The Institute of Federalism of the University of Freiburg deals with the fundamental questions of federalism, democracy and human rights. In the first volume of newly launched in-house publication series (PIFF), the Institute seeks to present its work and to provide insight into the various topics covered by the Institute’s researchers. However, it is less a systematic study of the federal principle, rather than an “impressionistic” view of issues and problems that animate the current or future discussion on federalism in Switzerland and worldwide.   In “Föderalismus 2.0 - Denkanstösse und Ausblicke”, the reader will find inputs on state organisation and vertical separation of powers, tension between competition and solidarity, relation between federalism and the foreign policy of the federal Government  as well as federalism and the democracy process in African and Arab countries.


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