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Visit of a delegation from Nepal

Nepal is governed according to the Constitution which came into effect on Sept 20, 2015, replacing the Interim Constitution of 2007. This new Constitution has restructured the Nation into a federal republic divided into seven states. In this sense, it has finalized the march of the Nation towards republicanism from constitutional monarchy and federalism from unitary system. Now, the country is looking for experience in federal management, sometimes with the help and support of the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs. In this context, the Institute of Federalism has welcomed from June 8th, to June 10th, 2017, a delegation of Ministry of Finance’s high ranking civil servants looking for information and experience about Swiss fiscal federalism.

Leaded by Mr. Surya Prasad Pokahrel, the delegation was composed of Mr. Bhim Kumar Nepal, Mr. Sushil Kumar Sharma Nepal, Mr. Narayan Rijal, Mr. Churamani Aryal, Mr. Naba Raj Poudyal, Mr. Subas Parajuli, Mr. Niranjan Gyawali, Mr. Rajan Parajuli and Mr. Niraj Tuladhar.

Accompanied during its stay by Dr. Nicolas Schmitt, the delegation could enjoy top class specialists of public finance presenting the three levels of the federal State: for the Confederation, Dr. Peter MISCHLER, Secretary delegate of the Conference of Cantonal Ministers of Finance: for the Canton (Fribourg) Mrs. Anna DISTER, MLaw, State Chancellery; Mr. Alain MAURON, Director, Cantonal Service of Taxation; Mr. Steve PERRITAZ, Economic Councilor, Cantonal Service of Finance.

And for the City of Fribourg its Mayor, Me Thierry STEIERT, and Mr. Laurent DIETRICH, Member of the City Council, in charge of Finance. The City has gathered the delegation a «Vin d’honneur», giving the participants the opportunity to enjoy federalism also for its recreational aspect.