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Zemelak Ayele publishes his PhD thesis on local government in Ethiopia

Zemelak Ayitenew Ayele published his doctoral thesis «Local government in Ethiopia: advancing development and accommodating ethnic minorities» in the Nomos series «Law and Constitution in Africa». The author explains that a centralized form of government has been chosen to tackle the two main challenges of underdevelopment and management of plural identities in Sub Saharan African states. Zemelak Ayele’s study shows how local government works in Ethiopia to fulfil their many tasks in an environment which is often vague and which does not empower their representatives to act: e.g. the Federal Constitution does not explicitly recognize local governments as equal partners of federal and regional governments. Some local governments are not even recognized in the regional constitutions, but on a lower level. Zemelak Ayele has been a guest researcher at the Institute from June to September 2012.