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About the Dignity of Fluorescent Fish and Political Participation in City Planning Procedures

Sino-Swiss Workshop, Fribourg, 5 and 6 November 2013

These and other questions were subject to lively discussions among the participants of the latest Sino-Swiss Workshop on «Public Interest in Administrative Law» held on 5 and 6 November 2013 in Fribourg. This event was organized in the context of the long-standing cooperation between the China University of Political Science and Law CUPL, Beijing, and the Institute of Federalism. The workshop brought together a delegation of eight professors of the CUPL, speakers of the Confederation, cantonal administrations and of the private sector, as well as members of the Institute of Federalism.

After a general introduction to the principle of public interest in the respective legal orders, the participants dealt with the public interest in more specific areas such as economic law, banking and financial services law, health law and environmental law. It became soon clear that despite the obviously huge differences between China and Switzerland both countries face similar problems with regard to the protection of the public interests, starting with the definition of this fundamental legal principle which governs all the state activities. Respecting it is a highly challenging task of crucial importance for the authorities, be it when trying to find an appropriate solution in order to prevent the collapse of one of the most important Swiss banks or when organizing the Chinese system of public hospitals.