Institut für Föderalismus
Faculté de droit

Institute council


Pascal BROULIS, Cantonal Minister for Finances and Foreign Affairs (Vaud) and representative of the ch Stiftung (member since 2017)  


Jean-Pierre SIGGEN, Cantonal Minister for Education, Cultural and Sport (Fribourg) (member since 2014)

Other members

Anne-Sophie CONSTANS-LAMPERT, government employee of the Principality of Liechtenstein (member since 2015)

Jacques DUBEY, Professor of Constitutional and Administrative Law, University of Fribourg (member since 2014)

Stefan MAEDER, representative of the academic mid-level faculty, University of Fribourg (member since 2017)

Sandra MAISSEN, Director ch Stiftung, Solothurn (member since 2009)

Nicolas QUELOZ, Professor of Criminal Law, University of Fribourg (member since 2012)

Hubert STOECKLI, Professor of Civil Law, University of Fribourg (member since 2010)

Jonathan WIMMER, student representative, University of Fribourg (member since 2016)

Benedikt WÜRTH, Cantonal Minister for Finances (St Gallen) and representative of the Conference of cantonal governments (member since 2013) 

Co-opted by the Institute Council

Canisius BRAUN, general secretary of the Canton of St Gallen (member since 2010)

Peter MISCHLER, deputy secretary, Swiss conference of the cantonal financial directors (member since 2015)


Institute of Federalism

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