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Vorträge und Veranstaltungen

Letzte Vorträge und Veranstaltungen von Prof. E. M. Belser

Balancing Autonomy and Human Rights: Can We Accept Unequal Human Rights Standards in Federal States?” (Fribourg, 12 October 2017).

“The Principle of Equality in Diverse States – Reconciling Autonomy with Equal Rights and Opportunities”, Conference of the International Association of Centres for Federal Studies 2017 (Fribourg, 12 and 13 Octobre 2017), co-organised with Thea Bächler.

“Confederalism, Federalism and Conflict Mitigation, Power-Sharing Mechanisms and their Usage in Deeply Divided Societies” (Tel Aviv, 6 September 2017).

“Protecting Minority Rights” (Canterbury, 22 August 2017).

“Revisiting the Counter-majoritarian Role of Courts – The Judicial Protection of Human Rights in Times of Popular Pressure not to do so” (Copenhagen, 8 July 2017).

“Comparative Federalism – Constitutional Arrangements and Case Law: Book Discussion” (Copenhagen, 7 July 2017).

Deutscher Juristen-Fakultätentag (Greifswald, 23 June 2017).

„Local Government – Functions and Challenges from a Comparative Perspective“ (Yunfu City, 9 June 2017).

“Planning, Expropriation and Compensation” (Ghuangzhou, 8 June 2017).

„The Referendum - Swiss Direct-Democratic Rights” (Ghuangzhou, 7 June 2017).

„Introduction to Swiss Public Law“ (Ghuangzhou, 6 June 2017).

„Digitalisierung und Datenschutz – ein Kommentar“ (Fribourg, 2 June 2017).

„Minderheitenrechte und Minderheitenschutz – Nationale und internationale Standards“ (Istanbul, 27 May 2017).

„Minderheitenrechte und Minderheitenschutz – Fallstudien“ (Istanbul, 28 May 2017).

“Small is complicated – Reform for better governance in Switzerland”, Successful territorial reform, Causes and methods of subnational reform in Council of Europe member states (Eupen, 5 May 2017).

“Gründe für gewaltenteilige Staatsorganisation”, “Formen der gewaltenteiligen Staatsorganisation”, (Istanbul, 29-30 April 2017).

„Foreign Affairs Federalism: A Comparative Perspective“, 111th Annual Meeting of the American Society of International Law. “What International Law Values” (Washington, 13 April 2017).

“Intergovernmental Relations in Times of Law Harmonisation - Horizontal Law-making by Swiss Cantons and the Democratic Deficit Debate”, Canadian Federalism and its Future: Actors and Institutions/Le fédéralisme canadien et son avenir: acteurs et institutions (Montreal and Quebec City, 23-24 March 2017).

“Bundesgericht unter Druck, Erläuterungen und Diskussion rund um die Rechtsprechung und die Rolle des Bundesgerichts bei der Anwendung des Völkerrechts”, Runder Tisch für Parlamentarierinnen und Parlamentarier, Schutzfaktor M, (Bern, 16 March 2017).

“Territorial reorganisation and special arrangements”, “Protection of minorities”, Colloquium on options of transregional/transnational governance: Case studies – Options for Ukraine and Syria” (Follow-up Meeting), Global Studies Institute, University of Geneva (16-17 February 2017).

“Power Sharing in Federal Switzerland”, Winter School on Federalism and Governance 2017 (Innsbruck, 2 February 2017.

“Power Sharing in Integrated Federal Systems”, Winter School on Federalism and Governance 2017 (Innsbruck, 1 February 2017.

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