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New! Congratulations to Mr. Ji Huang for his successful PhD thesis defense on May 30, 2018!

New! Congratulations to Mr. Prakash Arullampalam for his successful master defense on February 16, 2018!

New! Congratulations to Ji Huang (PhD student) who received Prize for the best poster presentation at FEPS-Meeting, Vienna, Austria, September 13-15, 2017.

New! Our new research work by Xiong et al., was in the news. 

Research Interest

New!  Arginase-II negatively regulates renal aquaporin-2 and water reabsorption.

New!  Kidney mass reduction leads to L-arginine metabolism-dependent blood pressure increase in mice.

New!  Arginase-II activates mTORC1 through myosin-1b in vascular cell senescence and apoptosis.

New!  Arginase-II Deficiency Extends Lifespan in mice.



Ex Collaborators





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Zhihong Yang

Xiu-Fen Ming

Jean Ruffieux

Yuyan Xiong

Yi Yu

Ji Huang

Diogo Ladeiras Ren Zhihong Xiujie Liang
Jonas Sieber

Daria Moghaddam