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Terminologia Anatomica

by Thieme Verlag (1998)


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a01: General anatomy

a02: Bones; Skeletal system

a03: Joints; Articular system

a04: Muscles; Muscular system

a05: Alimentary system

a06: Respiratory system

a07: Thoracic cavity; Thorax

a08: Urinary system

a09: Genital system

a10: Abdominopelvic cavity

a11: Endocrine glands

a12: Cardiovascular system

a13: Lymphoid system

a14: Nervous system

a15: Sense organs

a16: The integument














Terminologia Histologica

by Lippincott Williams & Wilkins (2008)



h1.00: Cytology

h2.00: General histology

h3.01: Bones

h3.02: Joints

h3.03: Muscles

h3.04: Alimentary system

h3.05: Respiratory system

h3.06: Urinary system

h3.07: Genital system

h3.08: Endocrine system

h3.09: Cardiovascular system

h3.10: Lymphoid system

h3.11: Nervous system

h3.12: The Integument

Terminologia Embryologica

from internal document (2009)


User guide


e1.0: General terms

e2.0: Ontogeny

e3.0: Embryogeny

e4.0: General histology

e5.0: Bones; Skeletal system

e5.1: Joints; Articular system

e5.2: Muscles; Muscular system

e5.3: Face

e5.4: Alimentary system

e5.5: Respiratory system

e5.6: Urinary system

e5.7: Genital systems

e5.8: Coelom and septa

e5.9: Mesenchymal mesenteric masses

e5.10: Endocrine glands

e5.11: Cardiovascular system

e5.12: Lymphoid system

e5.13: Nervous system

e5.14: Central nervous system

e5.15: Peripheral nervous system

e5.16: Sense organs

e5.17: The integument

e6.0: Extraembryonic and fetal membranes

e7.0 Embryogenesis (-> 13 st)

e7.0 Embryogenesis (14 st ->)

e7.1 Fetogenesis

e7.2 Features of mature neonate

e8.0: Dysmorphia terms

The terminologies, as presented from this page, are scans from the original source editions. The quality is not optimal.

FIPAT apologies for this situation. A numeric version of the terminologies is currently in a development phase.