The FIPAT Working Group on Anthropology / Odontology has just completed the project initiated by Prof Philip Tobias to publish Terminologia Anthropologica. The list is provisionally posted on this dedicated page.

Comments and suggestions emailed to <> about this list before 30 June 2014 will be acknowledged and taken in consideration at the next FIPAT meeting in Beijing on 7 August 2014.

Compilation: Professor Phillip Tobias, Professor Bev Kramer.
Assisted by: Ms Erin Hutchinson, Dr G Gordon.
Assessors: Professor Bernard Wood (palaeo-anthropologist), Dr Kevin Kuykendal (physical anthropologist and palaeo-anthropologist), Professor Lynn Shepartz (biological anthropologist).

Terminologia Anthropologica (PDF document).
This link drives to a source project for Terminologia Anthropologica (TAnth).