Open documents

This page presents the general documents made available by FIPAT for public access.

Title Description of document
History of FICAT A review of publishing anatomical terminologies from the 1895 Basle Nomina Anatomica to the 1998 Terminologia Anatomica.
History of IFAA A brief history of the International Federation of Associations of Anatomists since its official creation in 1910.
Members of FICAT The list of past and present members of FICAT (previously FCAT).
TA Preface The preface from the source 1998 edition of Terminologia Anatomica, as it appears in the1998 Thieme publication.
TA Acknowledgements Acknowledgements for the 1998 Terminologia Anatomica, with the list of contributors.
TH Preface The preface of Terminologia Histologica, edited in 2005 and first published on FIPAT website (here) in 2010
TH Acknowledgements Acknowledgements for the Terminologia Histologica 2005
TE Preface The preface from the Terminologia Embryologica, first published on FIPAT website (here) in 2010.
TE Acknowledgements Acknowledgements for the 2010 Terminologia Embryologica, with the list of contributors.

All documents are PDF files. Adobe Acrobat reader is necessary to view them.

All documents can be freely downloaded, copied as a whole and distributed, but all copies must bear appropriate references to the source from which they came.