We work on Cretaceous to Recent planktonic and benthic foraminifera, their biostratigraphy and their response to local and global environmental changes.

We are part of international projects that:


1) relate abundance and composition
    patterns of foraminiferal assemblages to geo-chemical proxies;

2) study climatic and sea level changes;

3) improve taxonomy of planktonic foraminifera
    and establish evolutionary-related classifications;

4) establish GSSPs;

5) monitor pollution using foraminifera as bioindicators.




One of our main research focuses on foraminifera from cold-water ecosystems, their role, biodiversity and response to the environmental factors controlling the dynamic of the entire ecosystem. Our main goal is to identify potential bioindicators for a) monitoring the health state of the ecosystem, b) identify these ecosystems in the fossil record when all other components are cannot be distinguished anymore and/or are dissolved.


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