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Pr. Vincent
  Marino Maggetti   Ildiko Katona
 Gisela Thierrin
Afifé El Korh


PhD Students

Madalina Bonta  Christophe
Melissa Morel Sébastien Perret



Benoît MILLE                                  
PhD student, Large bronze casting technologies through times – cotutelle Paris IV (Prof. C. Perlès), also working at the C2RMF (Le Louvre / France) – à contrôler

Potence KOUASSI                        
Invited PhD student 2010-2012 (University of Abidjan), Iron production technology in central Ivory Coast (Korhogo).

Salif BIRBA                                    
Invited PhD student 2012 (university Paris I), Iron production technology in the Province of Bam (Burkina Faso)




The field of Archaeometry is the interface between Natural Sciences and Archaeology. Analytical techniques or knowledge from the Natural Sciences can contribute to archaeological questions (i.e. dating of a charcoal piece with radiocarbon, provenancing a silver coin by the lead isotopes, define the firing temperature of a ceramic by its mineralogy, etc).

The Archaeometry group has been set up by professor Marino Maggetti in 1974. From 2005, it is leaded by professor Vincent Serneels.

The focus is put on characterization of inorganic materials using analytical techniques and kwonledge of the Earth Sciences : mineralogy, petrology, sedimentology, palaeontology, etc.

There are ongoing research projects on various groups of materials : CeramicsMetals and SlagStones and MortarsPigments and Glass.

The main questions are related to the provenance of the raw materials used and to the technology of production.



We have a specialized library with sections on ceramics, metals, stones and glasses and geoarchaeology. The main journals related to Archaeometry are accessible through the Library of the Sciences Faculty DOKPE. We have several reference collections for raw materials used in the Past and typical finished products. We have the access to the analytical facilities of the Geosciences Department.


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