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Pr. Bernard
  Marino Maggetti   Afifé El Korh  


PhD Students  

Cedric Botter
 Mario Meier



Master students

J.-G. Berger

H. Hartung

J. Perrenoud


Former PHD Students

C. Ferraris

A. Lanfranco

A. Lepora

R. Lorenzo

K. Matzinger

C. Métraux

M. SALEHI: PhD student Ceramic membranes on perovskite basis

S. Vasic

P. Vonlanthen

D. Wiedenmann: PhD student Replacement of asbestos membranes in electrolyseurs



Applied Mineralogy, a research field located between Earth Science and Material Science, encompasses such diverse disciplines as the prospection, extraction and refinery of ores, the manufacturing of materials, and the impact of minerals on the environment and on human health. Our group is active in 
Technical (material science related) Mineralogy  and Environmental Mineralogy


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