PROF. Vincent Serneels


Phone: +41 26 300 89 31 

E-mail: vincent.serneels(at)

Office: 3.313

Function: Professor in Archaeometry 

Personal Info

I am currently leading the research group (Post-docs, PhD, Masters) on Archaeometry in Fribourg. I organize the teaching in this field. I am involved in several research projects in collaboration with archaeologists in Switzerland, Europe and Africa. 

Born 04.03.1961 in Belgium, School in Brussel. 
Studies in Geology at the university of Lausanne (Switzerland) : diploma 1986, PhD 1993 (Archéométrie des scories : recherché sur la sidérurgie ancienne en Suisse romande), post-doc Archaeometry 1993-1999

Research stay at Belfort F, Bochum D and Oxford GB with SNSF Grant 1995-1996. 
Post-doc position at the university of Fribourg (Archaeometry) 2000-2005
Associated Professor at the university of Fribourg (Applied Petrology and Archaeometry 2005 - 


  • General Geology
  • Minerals and Rocks
  • Magmatic Petrology
  • Silicate Rocks Analysis
  • Archaeometry
  • Archaeometallurgy



(Natural Sciences applied to Archaeological Questions): Provenance of raw materials and technology of production. 
Archaeometallurgy: Ancient metals (with major interest for Iron), Slag mineralogy and chemistry,
Archaeological remains of mining and metallurgy, Ancient metallurgical technologies.
Other materials used in the Past: stones (soapstone, millstones),
pigments, ceramics, mortars, glass, etc Switzerland, France, Italy, Belgium, Western Africa




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