PROF. Bernard grobety


Phone: +41 26 300 89 36 


Office: 3.304

Function: Professor

Personal Info

My research interest are in material science and health aspects of minerals and rocks. Projects cover topics such as structure and properties of grainboundaries in ceramic materials, synthesis and application of synthetic and natural nanotube materials.

Characterization, exposure and transport of submicronic mineral dust particles and asbestos fibers as well as structure and evolution of serpentine minerals and serpentinites 


  • Technical mineralogy
  • Microanalytical techniques and surface science accompany the research effort.


  • Technical Mineralogy 
  • Material Science: Researches


Unit of Earth Sciences - Chemin du Musée 6 - 1700 Fribourg - Tel +41 26 / 300 89 70
nicole.bruegger[at] - Swiss University