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E-mail: christin.hilbich(at)unifr.ch

Office: 334

Function: PostDoc in Physical Geography 

Personal Info

Academic Qualification

  • 2009               PhD thesis at the Department of Geography, University of  Jena, Germany
  • 2004               Master in Geography (Diplom) at University of Jena, Germany


Professional Experience

  • 2011-present         Postdoc (20-40%), Alpine Cryosphere and Geomorphology (ACAG), Department of Geosciences, University of Fribourg, Switzerland
  • 2009-present         Postdoc (30%), Department of Geography, University of Zurich, Switzerland
  • 2004-2011              Research Associate  (50%), Department of Geography, University of Jena, Germany
  • 1998-2003              Student Assistant, Department of Geography, University of Jena, Germany


Scientific Committees

  • PERMOS Scientific committee


Bachelor Level

  • GG.0315 / ST.0319 Introduction à la géophysique (travaux pratiques)


  • Applied Geophysics
  • Cryosphere/Permafrost
  • Long-term geophysical monitoring within the PERMOS network (and other sites)
  • Sensitivity of Mountain Permafrost to Climate Change
  • Quantification of ice/water content changes in permafrost


  • Quantification of the ground composition in mountain permafrost based on geophysical data and simulated annealing, SNF International Short Visit, Lisbon, Feb/Mar 2013
  • The evolution of mountain permafrost in Switzerland – TEMPS, 2011-2014

TEMPS is a Sinergia-project funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation 2011 - 2014. The overall objective of the project TEMPS is to improve the understanding of the vulnerability of mountain permafrost regions to climate changes and assess the potential impact at different field sites in the Swiss Alps. The project includes collaborating scientists from a variety of different fields, such as atmospheric and cryospheric sciences, geomorphology, geophysics, geography and remote sensing.


  • PERMOS (Research Associate), 2005 - present

The Swiss network for permafrost monitoring documents the status and long-term variations of permafrost in the Swiss Alps. It is jointly funded by the Federeal Office for the Environment (FOEN), the Swiss Academy for Sciences (scnat) and the MeteoSwiss. Measurements are undertaken by several partner institutions (i.e., universities and research institutions).


  • Geophysical observation and 4-phase modelling of ice content evolution (GO4ICE), 2008-2011

The Project GO4ICE is a sub-project within the project cluster SPCC (Sensitivity of Mountain Permafrost to Climate Change), funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) 2008 - 2011. The aim of GO4ICE was the quantitative assessment of Alpine permafrost degradation using coupled geophysical and thermal monitoring systems. The geophysical monitoring is still ongoing and focuses on the quantification of the composition of the subsurface material, and in particular the ice content evolution in both spatial and temporal dimension.


Publications in international journals, proceedings and books with peer review process

Rosset, E., Hilbich, C., Schneider, S. & Hauck, C. 2013. Automatic filtering of ERT monitoring data in mountain permafrost. Near Surface Geophysics 11, doi:10.3997/1873-0604.2013003.

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Book chapter:

Hilbich, C., Helmschrot, J., Mäusbacher, R. & Daut, G. 2006. A landscape-based model to characterize the evolution and recent dynamics of wetlands in the Umzimvubu headwaters, eastern cape, South Africa. In: Kotowski, W., Maltby, E., Miroslaw-Swiatek, D., Okruszko, T. & Szatylowicz, J. (eds). Wetlands: modelling, monitoring, management, Taylor & Francis The Netherlands/ A.A. Balkema Publisher. pp. 61-69. (ISBN: 10-041508202).

Theses & other publications

PERMOS 2010. Permafrost in Switzerland 2006/2007 and 2007/2008. Noetzli, J. and Vonder Muehll, D. (eds.), Glaciological Report (Permafrost) No. 8/9 of the Cryospheric Commission of the Swiss Academy of Sciences, 68 pp.

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