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Academic Qualification

  • Since 2012: PhD Candidate in Human Geography. Traditional Authorities in Namibia’s land governance. Seeking legitimacy among legal and practical transformation
  • 2011: MA in Social Anthropology and Interdisciplinary Ecology (IKAÖ) University of Berne, Switzerland. Thesis: «Die Segregationen der Postapartheid. Lebenskonzepte junger Frauen zwischen Home und Arbeitswelt». 
  • 2008: BA in Social Anthropology and Prehistoric & Protohistoric Archaeology, University of Berne, Switzerland.


  • GG.0271 Méthodes qualitatives, Bachelor Course (SA 2015)


  • SNF Research Project: Communal land reform in Namibia - Implications of Individualisation of land tenure
  • Conflict, Identity, Land, Postapartheid,Changes in Family and Social Structures, Customary Law, Legal Pluralism, Political Legitimisation, Legal Anthropology
  • Regions: Sub-Saharan Africa (South Africa, Namibia), South America, South East Asia, South Asia


Weidmann, Laura (2014): Review: Giorgio Miescher, Namibia’s Red Line. The History of a Veterinary and Settlement Border, New York, Palgrave Macmillan, 2012. In: Journal of Namibian Studies 15: 137–139.


Nghitevelekwa, Romie und Laura Weidmann 2013: Namibia – eine weitreichende Landfrage. Traditionelle Autoritäten verlieren an Macht. In: Afrika Bulletin, vol. August/September (151): 8-9 :


Forthcoming: Weidmann L.: Die Segregationen der Postapartheid. Lebenskonzepte junger Frauen zwischen Home und der Arbeitswelt. MA Thesis. Bern


Grundsteine L., Homberger C., Maissen G., Neubacher C., Stutz A., Weidmann L. 2010: “Stade de Suisse als Energiewahrzeichen? Absichten beim Bau und Wirkung der Solaranlage.“ Bern: IKAÖ :



2016 IASC (International Association for the Study of the Commons) Regional European Conference: Namibia’s commonages: A mirror of legitimacies in a plural legal context

2016 WINIR (World Interdisciplinary Network for Institutional Research) Symposium „Property Rights“ University of Bristol: The role of traditional authorities in the debate on communal land titling and governance

2016 Indigenous Social Security Workshop, Johannesburg. Presentation: “Indigenous Social Security Systems in postcolonial Namibia: a basis of legitimacy for Traditional Authorities”

2015 Deutscher Kongress für Geographie, Berlin. Presentation: ”Namibias Traditionelle Autoritäten zwischen lokalen Paradigmen und dezentralisierter Landverwaltung“

2015 ECAS European Conference for African Studies, Paris. Presentation: “Negotiating boundaries. Authority struggles between state territory and customary spaces”.

2014 Swiss Researching Africa Days, Bern, Switzerland. Talk: "Communal Land Reform in North-Central Namibia: The strategies of Traditional Authorities to maintain control and power over land”

2013 Land Divided Conference, Cape Town, South Africa. Talk with Prof. O. Graefe: “From Struggles over Town Land Control to Communal Land Reform (in North-Central Namibia)”



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